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The Weirdest Games on Steam

I've recently stumbled across a few... well, really weird Steam games. Here's what I found.



Teardown recently left Early Access, and the game is doing very well on Steam. This voxel game has fully destructible environments, reminding me a bit of Minecraft, though this isn't just about the stage. Your goal is to pull of heists, usually stealing something, and you can do so by any means necessary: bulldozing buildings, stealing cars or trucks, destroying walls, and so on.

Pick up Teardown on Steam for $20.

Fights in Tight Spaces

Fights in Tight Spaces

Deckbuilders are pretty common these days, but they tend to lean more toward RPG genres. Although this is turn-based, it will easily make you feel like you're John Wick or Neo from The Matrix. Flawlessly control your momentum and available moves in hand while navigating tight spaces to get out of pretty hairy situations.

Get your John Woo on Steam with Fights in Tight Spaces for $24.99.

The one who pulls out the sword will be crowned king

Hey can you pull this out?

This game is about pulling a sword out from a rock. That's it.

It doesn't tell you how to do it, and you might be watching your grip slip over and over again as you fail. You have to figure out the trick to do this, just with your mouse (you better have a good gaming mouse for swiping over and over again).

There is an interesting social component to the game, as you can play it online, and it tracks who does it first, and each time someone else does, the sword gets heavier and heavier.

"Are you The Rightful King™ or just a filthy peasant?" - Free on Steam

Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes

I loved this game. This is a short-story experience in interactive form, where the main way of interfacing with the game is blinking. You play as a young child going through his memories, and you got that sense of fleetingness because you can only stay in each scene for so long, most often until your first blink, before it passes. It's an emotional journey that I highly recommend to anyone.

Blink and you might miss Before Your Eyes for $9.99 on Steam


"the game we never axed for, but seeded all along" claims one reviewer. This arcadey title is just about chopping down an infinite tree as fast as you can, alternating so that you don't get hit by a branch.

From the mobile version, the Steam edition adds Versus with a friend or a random person. See how our community manager did in the stream above.

Think you have the chops for this? Get Timberman on Steam for just $0.99.

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