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Take a Shot to Win Apex Pro, GFUEL and Nanoleaf Wall Panels

We're celebrating our first competition on the newly released BETA version of Aim Master by putting up weekly prizes and an amazing grand win prize together with our partner GFUEL.

You're on your third game, it's getting late and you're STILL being carried by your team mates while struggling to get above a .5 kill/death ratio. I know you relate – we've all been there at some point while learning a new game or climbing the ranks and taking on better opponents.

Practice makes perfect and nothing can replace putting in the hours. However, with the right knowledge and the right settings, we know that you can shorten your learning curve which is exactly why we built Aim Master: We want to help you aim better, faster.

Aim Master is made up of:

  1. 60 second drills to develop your aim fundamentals anytime, anywhere (no install needed)
  2. A library of guides to help develop your gaming IQ
  3. Monthly prizes & fun challenges with your friends and the community

Since this is our first competition after releasing the BETA, we've got some amazing prizes up for grabs and plenty of chances to win. Special shoutout to GFUEL for their support - look at that orange shaker below!

Aim Master is a browser-based 60 second time trial, testing your accuracy and reaction time. Hit that bullseye and get as many targets as you can.

July Competition

Throughout the month of July we will reward players who end up at the top of the leaderboard for Assault Rifle.

Winners will be contacted directly as well as announced in our Discord Server. See below for details on prizing 👇

Aim Master Grand Prize July: GFUEL, Nanoleaf and Steam Giftcard The player who ends up ranking 1st on the monthly Assault Rifle leaderboard at midnight central time, wins the grand prize.

1st Place

Aim Master Weekly Winners: Apex Pro, GFUEL Starter Kit & T-Shirt Every week, for 5 weeks during July, we'll pick winners amongst those who place Top 10 on the weekly Assault Rifle leaderboard. Winners are chosen each Sunday at midnight central time.

1st Place

Top 10

Read this for full Terms & Conditions.

Aim Master