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Say Hello To Nahimic

If you are here, you are probably wondering, "What is Nahimic?" or "What is this Nahimic Companion App?" We're glad you came and are ready to help!

Nahimic is an Audio Driver that your PC manufacturer selected to give you an optimized audio experience on laptops, motherboards, and more. It is a trusted driver designed to optimize and tune the audio performance on your computer.

Nahimic is also a tool that lets you tailor the audio experience to your preferences, whether you are:

  • gaming
  • watching a movie
  • working on conference calls
  • creating the next great piece of content

As a part of the SteelSeries software library, Nahimic is designed to help gamers and creators have more control over their audio experience. And we are continuing to work to build new technology to do just that.

How do I get Nahimic

The Nahimic Audio Driver and Audio Suite are preinstalled by PC manufacturers who need an audio solution to optimize your audio performance. Our partners offering motherboards include the Nahimic Audio Drive you will download as you build out your computer and we give you the option of installing the remaining features from the Nahimic Companion App in the system tray or from the

The full Nahimic Audio Suite of tools is installed on compatible laptops from many manufacturers who use it not only to provide an optimized audio experience but who want to give you tools to create your own audio experience.

If you have Nahimic on your machine, it's responsible for ensuring the hardware and software work together with speaker correction (fine-tuning), which lets your PC achieve the original sound design planned by your PC manufacturer. We also protect your speakers by reducing excess vibration, ensuring you can enjoy a higher volume without your audio buzzing or distorting.

We work with top manufacturers like MSI, Lenovo Legion, Dell, Gigabyte, AsRock, Huawei, Honor, and many more to ensure you have a powerful audio experience.

Audio freedom

Nahimic also provides a set of tools that lets you personalize your experience.

Nahimic audio platform

Everyone experiences sound differently. This can be influenced by everything from the shape of your head to the placement of speakers in a room. Nahimic includes tools that help you personalize how your computer's sound is experienced, independent of where or what kind of speaker your sound is coming from.

You can customize four audio profiles installed and preconfigured for movies, music, conference calls, and gaming. You can even configure enable the surround sound and leverage tools for amplifying voices, improving the bass or treble experience of the audio profile you have selected. This includes being able to use the a full 10 bands equalizer to manually configure the sound to enhance your personal experience.

Nahmic equalizer

You can also set up your output to share your audio with a friend without having to broadcast that sound to a room of people or without complicated dongles or adapters. Just select two devices you want to output to, and Nahimic does the rest.

Speaking clearly

In supported PC Models, Nahimic also gives you more control of the audio coming into your computer and improves the clarity of those listening to you speak. We leverage tuning algorithms to eliminate noise and add clarity to your communication while you work, play, or create content.

Nahimic audio levels

Your volume level will be constant no matter your distance from the mic, and your voice will be dynamically cleared of interference noise and vocal variation. So, your team or audience will never have to guess what you are saying again.

Immersive anywhere

The best part is we make this all work with multiple devices. Whether you are using a headset, headphones, or speakers, we offer the best audio experience.

Your audio device can be used in Bluetooth, USB, analog, HDMI, or S/PDIF. If you can use it with your PC, we can optimize the listening quality of whatever you are using.

Nahimic combines the best tools for signal processing and audio driver development; we ensure your auditory perception experiences accurate 3D audio that helps you win games and more.

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