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Destiny 2's Umbral Decoder Voice Lines

The Season of Arrivals introduced the Umbral Decoder, a "Ramshackle Cryptarch" built by Drifter that allows you to access loot inside of the new Umbral engrams. But the best part is the voicemail-style recordings that good ol' Gambit guy Drifter left for you when interacting with it:

Drifter's Umbral Decoder voice lines

  • Okay, uh - start recording now or what? Do I push it and HOLD, and just, ah -
  • Umbal Engram. Try saying that 5 times fast.
  • Oh, that's a nice little haul. Hope the payout's as good. Hahaha!
  • Woo! That's the stuff! Get paid, hero!
  • This bank'll take whatever you can give, brother!
  • Decoder online! If it jams up, a quick punch oughta fix it. Like most things in life.
  • Toss in something good. You get a prize; I keep the runoff. Everybody wins.
  • Isn't this thing cool? It's like Rahool, but better.
  • Welcome to the... Dark Decoder... eh, I'll think up a real name later.
  • I love the smell of decrypted Dark Engram. Woo!
  • Putting this thing together was easy. Getting it to record my voice was the hard part.
  • Go ahead, throw some Darkness in here. Don't worry, it's safe. I think.
  • Hey, if you're hearing this, the machine's ready. If you're not hearing this, well, it's not.Destiny 2's Umbral Decoder, which reads "Drifter built this device to extract the Darkness from Umbral Engrams and reveal the equipment hiding within"
  • Hope you get something good this time. And don't forget who gave it to ya.
  • This modded bank ain't safe. Don't touch nothin' you don't have to.
  • Hey there, go ahead and deposit something loaded with Darkness.
  • This bank'll launder anything you deposit. Useful, ain't it?
  • Insert your Darkness. Ol' Drifter knows just what to do with that stuff.
  • Scanning biometrics... ahh, I'm kidding! You know you're authorized.
  • We know you have a choice in Cryptarchs. Thank you for choosing the Drifter Decoder!
  • Hope you brought me some Darkness! This bank is hungry! Yum, yum, yum...
  • Welcome to my machine! It's like a Cryptarch that won't judge you!

Lastly, thanks to /u/destinythedrifter for coining the term "Drifter Trashcan":

It’s a trashcan, but it glows, and can talk to people from r/destiny2

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