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Fortnite: All Hidden Vaults in Chapter 5 Season 1

How many medallions can you collect?

Fortnite's highly coveted vaults have resurfaced in Chapter 5! Stuffed to the brim with epic loot but guarded by dangerous foes such as Golden Peter Griffin. These 10 hidden vaults are dotted across the map, bursting with rare weapons, healing items, and other rewards inside for those bold enough to unlock them. But massive riches come with great risk - you'll need to defeat the NPC bosses guarding each sealed vault before you can access the treasures within. The epic loot awaits!

All Vault Locations in Fortnite

Fortnite Vault Locations

There are a total of 10 locked vaults spread across the entire map of Chapter 5. These well-guarded vaults are protected not by keys or combinations, but by imposing bosses with formidable health pools. Taking down these powerful vault guardians will require skill, strategy and relentless drive from those who dare to try. Squad communication is critical to avoid the bosses' lethal attacks and exploit any brief vulnerabilities. The epic prizes inside each concrete fortress are alluring, but many intrepid teams have met their match against these vigilant NPC protectors.

Lavish Lair Vault

Lavish Lair Vault Fortnite

You will find the first of many vaults at Lavish Lair. Simply walk through the archway under the entrance on the northside of the building and you're there. This vault is located in the basement level of Lavish Lair. It is unlocked using Oscar's Medallion, which is dropped by defeating the Oscar who guards this location.

Classy Courts Outpost

Classy Courts Fortnite

This vault is located at the outpost to the northeast of Classy Courts. This locked bunker is unlocked using the Comms Keycard, which is dropped by defeating the Legion Heavy Elite boss guarding this location.

Grand Glacier

Grand glacier fortnite

The vault at Grand Glacier is located in the basement level, accessible by going through a normal white door in the southeast of the building. You will find a wall opening on the right-hand side that leads downstairs to the vault entrance. This vault is unlocked using Montague's Medallion, which is dropped by defeating Montague.

Reckless Railways

Fortnite secrets

The vault at Reckless Railways is located in the basement level of the southernmost building. Simply run down the stairs to find this locked prize room. This railway vault is unlocked using Valeria's Medallion, which drops when you defeat Valeria.

Hazy Hillside

Hazy Hillside Fortnite

The next vault is located in the basement level of a building on the eastern side of Hazy Hillside. This hidden bunker is unlocked using the Mountain Keycard, which drops when you take down the Legion Heavy Elite that patrols the area.

Hazy Hillside Mansion

Vault locations

The next elusive vault is secreted away in the basement of the mansion southwest of Hazy Hillside. Gaining entry to this locked bunker requires the Mansion Keycard, dropped by defeating the Legion Heavy Elite that patrols the area.

Fencing Fields

Fencing Fields

The next vault is hidden away in the basement level of Fencing Fields. This locked vault bunker is unlocked using Nisha's Medallion — acquired by defeating the deadly Nisha who guards this area.

Snooty Steppes

Snooty Steppes Fortnite

The next loot vault is hidden away in the basement level of Snooty Steppes. This sealed-off room is unlocked using Gold Peter Griffin's Medallion — obtained by taking down Golden Peter Griffin who guards Snooty Steppes.

The Society Yacht

Yacht vault fortnite

The next vault is located below the deck of the Yacht just northwest of Pleasant Plaza. This out-at-sea vault is unlocked using the Yacht Keycard, dropped by the Legion Heavy Elite.

Ritzy Riviera

Ritzy Riviera fortnite

Just south of the Yacht near Ritzy Riviera lies another vault in the basement of a sealed off building. This one requires the Marina Keycard, obtained similarly by defeating the Legion Heavy Elite.

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From the frigid vaults of Grand Glacier to the dim hideouts buried under Fencing Fields, immense power awaits any squad bold and skilled enough to defeat the imposing bosses guarding the riches. Form your dream team, pick your target vaults and devise ironclad attack strategies. Medallions for unlimited future looting privileges are there for the taking!

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