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Best Gear for MMORPG Games - Gear up, Game on

Whether you're big into PvP, PvE, or any other form of MMORPG, any of these items are Legendary quality upgrades for your rig.

In MMORPGs, communication is essential. When you're trying to hear the critical callouts of your guild leader during a boss fight, your audio needs to be the best quality it can be. And you can't let your squad down in those rated PvP matches either -- which is why you need a mouse that can handle all the macros you need as well as a keyboard that performs flawlessly.

Here's how to become a hero in your favorite MMORPG games:

For the best in gaming audio: Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

Arctis Nova Pro Gaming Headset

Our newest, flagship headset is a class in its own. The Nova Pro Acoustic System uses immersive 360° Spatial Audio to fully immerse you in Azeroth, Eorzea, or whatever place is your other home (and that Active Noise Cancellation helps, too). Let your voice ring clear with the AI-powered noise-cancelling ClearCast Gen 2 mic, which will make sure nothing unnecessary carries through chat as you usher your guild into glory.

For the [best gaming headset, reach for the Arctis Nova Pro.]((

For all the mouse buttons you need: Aerox 9 Wireless

Aerox 9 Wireless MMO Mouse

We know that don't log in just for 20 minutes to play an MMO. When you've got your weekly raid night ahead of you, you want to make sure you're in top shape for the night. That's why having an ultra lightweight, wireless gaming mouse is essential. Our latest offering brings you the Aerox 9 Wireless, which weighs just 89g, but packs 18 bodies onto its holey body (which is water and dust resistant thanks to our proprietary AquaBarrier™ technology).

The 12-button side panel will bring your arsenal of powerful abilities right to your fingertips and feel good blasting cooldowns while connected via lag-free 2.4GHz wireless, without cables cluttering your precious desk space. The next raid tier is closer than you think with the Aerox 9 Wireless gaming mouse.

For the complete gaming keyboard package: Apex Pro

Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard

Finally, you can't become a hero in your favorite MMORPG without a good keyboard. Slay all the demons and heal your party with the Apex Pro gaming keyboard. This full-size mechanical keyboard lays out all the options for you, backlit by endlessly customizable RGB colors that can sync with your other gear. The detachable, magnetic wrist rest will be a soft landing spot for your hands as they venture onto your next endeavor. Also, keep it fun by customizing your OLED screen, from GIFs to many other responsive options.

No fearsome warrior nor wizened mage tops the DPS charts without the best gear -- make sure these figure on your list! Ready check!

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