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Wireless Gaming Headsets

SteelSeries wireless gaming headsets are the best wireless headsets on the market. The Arctis range of wireless headsets offer the ultimate PC gaming experience. However, SteelSeries wireless gaming headsets are also compatible with PS4, Mac, VR and mobile. So if you want the absolute best wireless gaming headset out there, with a professional microphone and top sound quality, choose a gaming headset from our Arctis range.

Why should I choose a Wireless Headset?

Our new Arctis wireless gaming headsets can deliver a lag-free, loseless, 7.1 surround sound experience. In addition to their premium sound quality, they also offer an optimal on-ear experience, meaning they’re super comfortable and give you the freedom to move around without getting your wired headset tangled. The effective transmission range is around 40 feet (or 12 meters), so you can grab a snack from the kitchen to refuel and keep you on top of your game without having to leave your wireless headset behind.

And don’t sweat it when it comes to battery life - the batteries in our wireless gaming headsets can last for around 20-28 hours of active listening. The Arctis Pro Wireless even comes with a swappable dual-battery system, meaning you can switch between batteries for endless play.

How do Wireless Gaming Headsets Work?

Our Arctis range of wireless headsets deliver the best sound quality possible. The Arctis Pro Wireless uses a dual wireless system, which connects to a wireless transmitter base station. This base station allows the wireless headset to receive lossless sound and ultra-low latency. This technology means our wireless headsets are lag-free and deliver ultra-high, professional quality sound.

The transmitter base station uses Bluetooth technology, which allows you to connect multiple devices while gaming, such as your mobile phone. With SteelSeries gaming headsets, you can simply pick up your call and carry on gaming. Plus - you can adjust the game and chat volume independently of each other, so you can continue a seamless gaming experience.

Our Wireless Gaming Headset Compatibility

All of our wireless headsets are compatible with PC, but if you’re looking for a multi-platform headset to use with other devices such as PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch, you can take a look at our compatibility comparison chart.

Whether you’re looking for the best wireless headset for PS4 or Xbox One, we have a headset perfect for you and your game. All SteelSeries wireless gaming headsets deliver the ultimate gaming experience no matter what your gaming platform of choice is. Even if you game on more than one platform, we have the best multi-platform headset for you.

Wireless Gaming Headsets

Features Arctis Pro Wireless Arctis 7 Arctis 3 Bluetooth
Price $329.99 With free shipping $149.99 With free shipping $99.99 With free shipping
Wireless 2.4GHz LosslessFeature supportedFeature supportedFeature not supported
Bluetooth Feature supportedFeature not supportedFeature supported
Connection Optical, USB, Analog USB, Analog Analog + Bluetooth
Speaker Drivers Hi-Res S1 S1
Surround Sound DTS Headphone:X v2.0 DTS Headphone:X v2.0 Windows Sonic
ChatMix Feature supportedFeature supportedFeature not supported
  • Black
  • White
  • Black
  • White
  • Black
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