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 Front view of the GameDAC Gen 2 against a black background.

 Back view of the GameDAC Gen 2 displaying the ports and cable.

 Side view of the GameDAC Gen 2.

 Top and angled view of the GameDAC Gen 2.

GameDAC Gen 2 Hi-Res Certified DAC for PC and PlayStation

  • Amplify the sound of the Arctis Nova Pro or any 3.5mm wired headset with Hi-Res Audio, certified with support for 96KHz/24-bit
  • Includes the new ESS Sabre Quad-DAC for 78% purer sound with lower distortion and 50 times clearer audio* *In comparison to GameDAC Gen 1
  • Enables ClearCast AI Noise Cancellation feature for your headset with Sonar Software, which eliminates noise from incoming and outgoing voice chat
  • Enhance the audio further with immersive 360° Spatial Audio* *Fully compatible with Tempest 3D audio for PS5 / Microsoft Spatial Sound
  • Multi-System Connect turns the GameDAC into a hub that lets you switch between platforms with the press of a button
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price $129.99
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A close up of a GameDac Gen 2.

Supercharged Sound with GameDAC Gen 2

GameDAC Gen 2 completes your gaming experience with Hi-Res Audio Certification and a built-in amplifier. Designed for the Arctis Nova Pro (sold separately) it's also compatible with any stereo headphone or headset using the standard 3.5mm input.

A close up of the ESS Sabre Quad-DAC.

ESS Sabre Quad-DAC

Evolving from our previous generation, the cutting-edge chip supercharges your game audio with 78% purer signal*, bringing ultra-low levels of noise and distortion.
*vs GameDAC Gen 1, at 105 dB Signal-to-Noise-Ratio

A GameDac Gen 2 laying on a desk with an Arctis Nova Pro connected to it. Text above the GameDac reads: "PC" and "PLAYSTATION".

Multi-System Connect

The GameDAC is your home base for multiple devices. Plug in two systems at once and seamlessly swap between them with the press of a button, bringing your PC, PlayStation, or Switch into play whenever you need it, saving you from swapping cables.

A close up of the GameDac Gen 2. Text underneath it reads: "Hi-Res AUDIO".

Hi-Res Audio

GameDAC Gen 2 elevates audio resolution to a sublime 96KHz/24-Bit, standing above our competition with 50x more detailed sound*.
*vs competitor at 48KHz/16-Bit

A person wearing an Arctis Nova headset with abstract orbs hovering around them to illustrate spatial audio.

Experience 360° Spatial Audio on PC or console. Lose yourself in the soundscape with 360° Spatial Audio* and take what's already awesome to the next level with SteelSeries Sonar Audio Software Suite*. Tempest 3D Audio for PS5 is also fully supported.
*requires Windows 10/11

An abstract x-ray image showing a scene where a fighter sneaks up on their opponent.

Gain X-Ray Hearing for every critical step, reload, or vocal, taking total control of every sonic element with magical precision, utilizing the Pro-grade Parametric EQ, a first in gaming. Even EQ mic and speakers independently for the perfect advantage.
*requires Windows 10/11

Enhanced with Sonar

Pinpoint your enemy's location long before you see them with Sonar, a breakthrough in gaming sound. Hear what others miss.



  • USB

PS5 | PS4

  • USB

Nintendo Switch

  • USB


  • USB


2x USB-C System Connections, 1x Line-in, 1x Line-out


ESS Sabre 9218PQ40

Max Audio Format

96 kHz, 24 bit

Frequency Response

5-40,000 Hz


111 dB

GameDAC Gen 2

USB-C to USB-A Cable

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hi-Res Audio Certified mean?

It means that the GameDAC Gen 2 is able to receive, process, and play Hi-Res formats (sampling rate of 96 kHz, bit depth of 24-Bit), receiving this coveted certification from the Japanese Audio Society.

How does Multi-System Connect work?

The GameDAC Gen 2 has two USB-C ports, which can connect to your PC or console with the provided USB-C to USB-A cables. Navigate the OLED screen menu to switch between active devices.

What are the connection differences between GameDAC Gen 2 and GameDAC Gen 2 for Xbox?

All models come with two direct USB system connections, but if you own an Xbox, only the GameDAC Gen 2 for Xbox will allow you to connect via the dedicated Xbox port (the second USB port is flexible for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Switch, Mac). If you need to connect a PS5 and a PC at the same time, conversely only the PC/PS (GameDAC Gen 2) version will be suitable.

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