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An image of Lilith from Diablo 4 against a blood-red background displaying the text: "Diablo IV".

Prepare For Hell Itself.

Battle unstoppable evil and slaughter countless demons equipped with the Diablo® IV Limited Edition collection from SteelSeries.

A close up view of the Diablo 4 Arctis Nova 7 Wireless.

Arctis Nova 7 Wireless

Hear every slash eviscerate demons with the Nova Acoustic System, enabled by 38-hour battery life, and dual wireless.

A close up view of the Diablo 4 Aerox 5 Wireless.

Aerox 5 Wireless

Drive back the minions of Hell with the ultra-lightweight Aerox mouse and its 9 programmable buttons.

A close up view of the Diablo 4 QcK Heavy XXL mousepad.

QcK Heavy XXL

Make your desk the gateway to Hell with an encompassing gaming mousepad featuring extra thick, micro-woven cloth.

A close up view of the Diablo 4 Artisan Keycap.

Artisan Keycap

Customize your keyboard with a unique, artisan keycap depicting Diablo's demonic visage.

A close up view of the Diablo 4 Performance Thumbsticks (Red).

Diablo IV Thumbsticks

Upgrade your aim, movement, and grip to conquer the infested dungeons and besieged towns of Sanctuary.

An image of the Diablo 4 Performance Thumbsticks Collector's Edition and the exclusive metal Heros Cube case.

Thumbsticks Collector's Edition

Limited Edition black and blood-red performance thumbsticks come with the exclusive metal Heroes Cube case.

Receive Lilith's Blessing, mortal.

An image of the Arctis Nova 7 wireless, Aerox 5 wireless, Diablo 4 Performance Thumbsticks on an Xbox controller, and the QcK Heavy XXL mousepad held up by fiery demon arms.

Equipment for the Battles Ahead

Watch demons fall faster than ever with swift clicks from your Aerox 5 Wireless or enhance your gamepad experience with KontrolFreek thumbsticks. Share the glory with friends using your Arctis Nova 7 Wireless. All on the Diablo-themed QcK Heavy XXL.

A close up of the Artisan Keycap.

Legendary Loot

Only 2,160 of these unique, Artisan keycaps exist.

A close up look at the Bound Faith cosmetic item.

In-Game Mount Trophy Included

Adorn your steed with the Bound Faith cosmetic item, created for this collaboration.

* Available with Arctis Nova 7 Wireless, Aerox 5 Wireless, and Thumbsticks Collector's Edition

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