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Apex 300

  • Low profile keys for fast response time
  • Brilliant white backlighting
  • Media and macro keys

Fast Action Keys

Apex 300 delivers the essential features from our popular Apex keyboard giving you the keys to victory. The fast, low profile keys allow you to react quickly and make tactical key presses.

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The SteelSeries Engine 3 configuration suite is the key to unlocking the power of your Apex 300, including macros, custom profiles and lighting options.

Convenient Design

The ultra-modern keyboard design is lit by vivid white illumination, giving you the competitive advantage during night gaming.

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About the Apex 300

The Apex 300 is a low profile membrane gaming keyboard with brilliant white illumination, comprehensive macros, profile customization, and swappable feet, perfect for gamers looking for an premium but affordable upgrade.




Programmable Keys

Full, every key re-mappable


2 USB 2.0 Hubs


1330 g, 2.93 lbs


52 mm, 2.05 in


560 mm, 22.05 in

Cable Length

1.8 m, 6 ft


Type & Name

SteelSeries Membrane


Engine Support



Custom Key Illumination


22 Ergonomically Raised Macro Keys

Setting Configurations

One on-board, unlimited with SSE3

Box Content

Quick Start Guide

Apex 300

Swappable Rubber Feet

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the Apex 300 is the right gaming keyboard for me?

Great question! The Apex 300 is the perfect gaming keyboard for gamers who want a quality membrane switch, SteelSeries Engine support, and a low-profile layout. Alternatively, you can use our interactive keyboard guide, and compare the Apex 300 with our other gaming keyboards here.

Which versions of the Apex 300 use the QWERTY layout? Which versions use the AZERTY layout?

The only language that does not use the QWERTY layout is the French version, which uses AZERTY layout.

What is the difference between the Apex 300 and the Apex[RAW]?

There is no difference between the Apex 300 and the Apex[RAW], the keyboard was simply rebranded.

Can I change the colors of the Apex 300's illumination?

Unfortunately no, the keyboard only has white LEDs. However, the intensity and patterns of the illumination can be changed.

Can I get replacement keys for my Apex 300?

Absolutely, we can ship replacement keys out if needed.

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