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Apex 150

  • SteelSeries Quick Tension gaming switches
  • Guaranteed 20-million key press durability
  • Engineered with liquid-resistant construction
  • Real-time Discord in-game lighting notifications
  • Five-zone customizable RGB backlighting

Heavy on Gaming Performance, Light on Price

Apex 150 delivers everything you need for competitive gaming at a competitive price. SteelSeries Quick Tension switches, 5-zone RGB, Discord notifications and splash resistance combine for the best value in gaming.

Quick Tension Switches

The Quick Tension Switch system was purpose built to deliver extremely low friction, extended durability, and excellent key feel. The Apex 150 features an iron plate located at the base, uniquely designed membrane sheet, and the custom molded POM compound top housing inserts, make the SteelSeries Quick Tension switch unlike anything before it.

Asset 2

Precision Engineered Keys

Thermoplastic keys for low-friction, stability and lifelong durability.


Consistency Is Key

Custom tuned rubber dome sheet for consistent key feeling.

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Iron Core Base

Rigid iron core base to enhance durability and structural integrity.

Spill Resistant

The Apex 150 is constructed with an internal membrane sheet that protects and repels water from damaging the internal electronics. Two drainage cavities move liquid from your spill point to outside the keyboard.

Total Control

Advanced anti-ghosting and 24-key rollover ensure no matter how fast your play you’ll never miss a keystroke. Apex 150 is fully programmable to set up key combos, macros, and more.

Software That Doesn't Require a PhD

The Apex 150 is powered by the most intuitive and powerful software available, SteelSeries Engine. Our software engineers and UX designers are dedicated to bringing you the best experience in gaming.

Control Your Devices

Unleash the full power of your devices with customizable settings.

Engine Apps

A collection of in-game integration and purpose-built applications.


Backup and sync your settings across all your platforms.

Current Engine Apps






Five-zone Prism RGB illumination


24 keys

Easy Access Media Keys


Gaming Mode (Windows lock)


Fully Programmable



1.1 kg / 2.35 lbs


156 mm / 6.1 inches


463 mm / 18.2 inches


42 mm / 1.7 inches

Cable Length

1.8 m / 5.9 ft


Switch Type


Switch Name

Quick Tension Membrane

Switch Durability

20 million clicks

Box Content

Apex 150 Keyboard

Product Information Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want SteelSeries membrane switches?

If a mechanical switch isn't a must for you then the SteelSeries membrane switches are the best option for an ultra-fast, quiet key feel and are guaranteed for 20-million clicks.

How do I know if this is the right gaming keyboard for me?

Great question! The Apex 150 is perfect for gamers who want a fast, quiet Membrane Switch, RGB illumination and access to unlimited customization options through SteelSeries Engine. To check out our other keyboards, and compare their features and pricing, use our interactive keyboard here.

Do I have full access to all SteelSeries Engine features - even those for higher-priced keyboard models?

Yes, the Apex 150 has access to all that the SteelSeries Engine offers.

Is the keyboard height adjustable?

Yes, the Apex 150 has two different height options.

Does the Apex 150 have USB pass-through

No, the Apex 150 does not feature USB pass-through.

What does water-resistant mean?

Splash-proof, spill-proof, but not submerged in water or left out in the rain-proof.

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