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Siberia 100

  • Over-ear Design
  • Speakers deliver natural sound
  • Lightweight
  • Over-ear Design
  • Speakers deliver natural sound
  • Lightweight
on sale for $39.99 regular price $49.99
on sale for $39.99 regular price $49.99

This product is no longer available.

Modern Style

Sleek colors and contours provide the style you’re looking for, because nobody wants to looks like a helicopter pilot in public.

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Hear What Matters

Don't get distracted by outside noise. Our enclosed earcup design blocks out any and all background noise so you only hear what you need to win.

Lightweight Design

We created the Siberia 100 to be the lightest headset we've ever designed. With soft-leather padding and low-weight durable plastic, play as long as you want.

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Speaker drivers

40mm Neodymium Drivers

Headphone Frequency Response

20-20000 Hz

Headphone Sensitivity

94 dB

Microphone Frequency Response

50-16000 Hz

Microphone Pickup Pattern


Microphone Sensitivity

-38 dB

Microphone Impedance

2.2K Ohm

Cable Length

1.2m, 4 ft

Available connections

Single 3.5mm, 4-pole plug

Quick Start Guide

Siberia 100

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the Siberia 100 is the right gaming headset for me?

Great question! The Siberia 100 is the perfect gaming headset for gamers who want affordability, lightweight comfort, and excellent portability. Alternatively, you can use our interactive headset guide, and compare the Siberia 100 with our other gaming headsets.

Can I connect my mobile device to my Siberia 100?

Yes. The Siberia 100 can be connected to mobile devices through the use of the single 4pole 3.5mm jack.

Does the Siberia 100 have SteelSeries Engine 3 support?

No, the Siberia 100 does not have engine support because the analog headset is not compatible with the Engine software.

Is the Siberia 100 compatibile with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

Yes. The Xbox One will require either a newer Elite type controller (built in 3.5mm port) or the stereo headset adapter. The headset plugs into the PS4 controller with the single 4pole 3.5mm connection.

Is the microphone adjustable on the Siberia 100?

No, the microphone on the Siberia 100 is not adjustable.

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