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CS:GO Teams

We have a long history of sponsoring CS:GO teams, players, and tournaments, including this week's FACEIT Major.


What gear does Team North use?

Headsets of the Pros

Pros have won the most money using SteelSeries gear:

{'new': False, 'is_limited': False, 'members_only': False, 'early_access': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'name': 'Arctis Pro', 'options': [], 'description': None, 'url': '/gaming-headsets/arctis-pro', 'main_item_sku': '61486', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('8.6666666666666660745477201999165117740631103515625'), 'related_text': '', 'related_items': [], 'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'image_primary': '', 'image_carousel': '', 'image_alternate': None, 'msrp': Decimal('179.99'), 'price': Decimal('179.99'), 'price_type': 'msrp', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'has_member_price': False, 'num_in_stock': None, 'document_id': '107_346', 'customizable': False, 'customizable_price': None}

CS:GO Giveaway

Win our new CS:GO products, and tons of other CS:GO prizes!