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The Apex Line

Achieve victory by overtaking other gaming keyboards with absolute speed and accuracy. The Apex keyboards pair the latest in high performance technology with long-lasting durability.


Apex Pro

Blaze through the competition with the world's fastest and most advanced keyboard. Whether you need the fastest keystrokes in gaming, or deliberate presses – the power is yours to wield.

A close up of an Apex Pro's OmniPoint switch.
A close up of an Apex 9's OptiPoint switch.


Apex 9

Play at the speed of light with the OptiPoint Optical switches in Mini or TKL gaming keyboards, optimized and streamlined in ergonomic builds.

Apex 7

A pillar of gaming mechanical keyboards, the Apex 7 features multiple switch options and an OLED Smart Display that acts as your personal command center.

A close up of the Apex 7's brown, blue, and red mechanical switches.
A desktop setup featuring an Apex 5 keyboard.

Apex Essentials

Best-in-class products with SteelSeries’ cutting-edge innovation and premium performance.