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Quantum 2.0 Wireless is our all-new cutting-edge wireless technology with advanced dual channel optimization to ensure performance that feels just like wired, with absolutely no packet loss.

Render of the mouse in a stylized translucent look, showing the chip inside the mouse

Ultra-low latency

We developed an over-the-air “handshake” algorithm confirmation protocol that confirms 100% that the signal is sent and received up to 20% faster. This allows us to spot potential packet loss before it occurs and automatically switch channels.

No packet loss

With 2 wireless channels transmitting simultaneously across 40 possible frequencies, even when one channel gets interrupted, the mouse's wireless signal doesn't drop a single packet during any wireless interference.

Unreal power efficiency

Our engineers hand-selected components to optimize power draw, and carefully configured them to minimize consumption up to 90% less than other wireless mice, providing uncompromising wireless performance while maintaining high efficiency.

A warp-speed tunnel showing the quantum 2.0 dual wireless logo in the center.

The fastest wireless signal ever

All of these enhancements allow Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology to transmit wireless data at unreal speeds in a more stable, reliable, and power efficient way than ever before.

A graph comparing the new Quantum Wireless capabilities to previous iterations

Quantum 2.0 Wireless Certified

The Rival 3 Wireless mouse is the first ever mouse to use Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology, plus the added convenience of Bluetooth.

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