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Best gaming headsets

Arctis headsets are adjustable and comfortable, include an advanced built-in microphone, and award-winning sound quality. They are the perfect headset for gaming, school, work, and everything else. Also available in wired, Arctis is the best wireless gaming headset.

Visual of an Apex keyboard with RGB illumination
SteelSeries Rival mouse from an side profile angle


Image of an Arctis 7X headset optimized for Xbox
Image of Arctis 7P headset laying against the next Gen PlayStation 5 console
An entire SteelSeries gamestation with mouse, keyboard, mousepad, and headset

Best gifts for PC

Wired and wireless gaming headsets are perfect gifts for PC gamers, designed for the best comfort, performance, audio, and mic quality on for all PC and Mac games.

Best Wireless Gaming Headset - Arctis Pro Wireless by WIRED


A full SteelSeries PC desk setup with a headset, mousepad, mice, and keyboard. All illuminated with RGB effects

Best gifts under $100

Budget-friendly gaming gifts great for any gamer.

Best high-end gifts

Premium gaming gifts and gaming gadgets with the most extensive features


Three brand new SteelSeries headsets. Arctis 7X, 7P, and 9.

Best new products

Newest gaming headsets, mice, keyboards, and mousepad surfaces from SteelSeries released in 2020.