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A vibrant desktop setup with a limited edition Ghost Apex 7 TKL and Aerox 3.

The Ghost Collection

Built for performance. Designed to bring your RGB to the next level.

Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost Edition

Engineered for speed, the Aerox 3 Wireless was optimized to an ultra lightweight 68g design with an incredible 200 hour fast charging battery and proprietary water resistant AquaBarrierâ„¢ technology.

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Apex 7 TKL Ghost Edition

Built for performance, the Apex 7 TKL is adorned with premium red linear mechanical switches and finished with our new double shot PBT pudding PrismCaps. Constructed with an airplane grade aluminum frame, built-in OLED smart display, and premium magnetic wrist rest.

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  • A giant otherworldly being stands before a human, with an Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost mouse hovering between its fingers.
  • An otherworldly giant being places an Apex 7 TKL ghost keyboard in front of two humans in a rocky battlefield.
  • An angled view of an Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost mouse.
  • A desktop setup with an Apex 7 TKL Ghost, Aerox 3 Wirless Ghost, and QcK Prism XL.
  • A desktop setup with an Apex 7 TKL Ghost keyboard and Aerox 3 Wirless Ghost mouse.
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