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Best Gear for Mobile Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming has advanced far enough so that we can play complex and resource-intensive games anywhere. Find the items you need to enjoy it to the max.

Cloud gaming on the go is a great way to enjoy your more demanding games anywhere. If you're as serious of a gamer as we are, you know that mobile and touch games just don't always scratch that itch. Whether you use GeForce NOW, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Remote Play, or any other cloud gaming tools, it's good to have some gaming peripherals to make the experience better.

We have some of the best gear for mobile cloud gaming right here, both for gaming headsets as well as mobile gaming controllers to equip you for a greatly improved experience.

Audio for Cloud Gaming

Arctis Nova 7 Wireless

Arctis Nova 7 wireless gaming headset

Sound makes an enormous difference in enjoyment of gaming. When playing on the go, it's not easy to do that, since you may not be able to have the music out loud. Our Bluetooth-enabled gaming headsets solve this issue. We highly recommend Arctis Nova 7 Wireless for gaming on the go.

Once you Bluetooth pair your headset, enjoying audio from your mobile is as easy as turning it on and pressing the Bluetooth button. With 38-hour battery life (and a Fast Charge function to get the power back fast), it's just as great on the go as it is at home.

It's incredible for mobile cloud gaming; it offers very high-quality audio with its drivers. When you're home, you can use the USB-C dongle to easily connect to your preferred gaming platform, and even continuously remain hooked up to your phone's Bluetooth at the same time. It's a huge "quality of life" aspect as you don't need to reconnect or disconnect anything. You can take a call, stay on Discord, or listen to music with Bluetooth while the 2.4GHz connection is for your console or PC. But this is just an option.

Other than that, it's an extremely comfortable headset with multiple points of adjustment to fit your head, and the mic completely stows inside the headset so it looks stylish when you're traveling around.

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Arctis Nova 5 Wireless

Arctis Nova 5 Wireless

This is a fantastic option if you're looking for something more midrange. Nova 5 Wireless also offers 2.4GHz and Bluetooth, but differently from the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless — it uses Quick-Switch Wireless, a single button that will change between the two connection types. So whether you can plug in the USB-C dongle into the device of your choosing or simply use Bluetooth, either one will work.

The huge benefit of the Arctis Nova 5 Wireless is the new companion app. A SteelSeries first, with it, you can access our growing library of presets made for top games (100 and more!). These presets are made either in consultation of top esports players or audio engineers who worked on the games themselves, so you can rest assured that these are truly the best audio settings you can get.

Arctis Nova 5 Wireless is not only innovative, but it also boasts our newest battery, reaching up to 60 hours of playtime. Now that's fit for a long travel period!

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Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless gaming headset

If you're looking for something more premium, this is the best option. Our award-winning Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (it's kind of on a hot streak) offers the best wireless experience, and since it has Bluetooth, it's also a great option for mobile cloud gaming.

Enjoy additional features, such as Active Noise Cancelling. With this, you can tune out outside noises so that you can really dive into your experience, whether it's a movie or a game. It's great for travels that have some background noise to them, such as airplanes, cars, or trains. You can even adjust the degree of noise cancellation and switch to Transparency, in case you need to be more aware of your surroundings.

Pro Wireless features the Infinity Power System. Essentially, it comes with a tag team of batteries, so while you're using one, you're always charging the other with the Wireless Base Station. This way, you'll never run out of power (about 22 hours of life per battery).

With even better audio, Noise Cancelling, and a mic that similarly retracts completely into the headset for a sleek look, this is the best option for mobile cloud gaming headsets.

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Controllers for Cloud Gaming


Stratus+ gaming controller

Stratus+ is perfect for mobile cloud gaming as it offers a ton of comfort features: it has a slim phone mount, making it very easy to play when traveling, especially. It secures your mobile device so that you don't need to prop it anywhere and risk damaging it. Instead, it's angled nicely for you so that you can focus on your game.

Furthermore, Stratus+ is a Bluetooth-enabled mobile game controller, so there's no need for wires at all to get in your way. It uses energy-efficient Bluetooth LE technology, with the battery lasting about 90 hours. Charge it with a USB-C to USB-A connection with ease.

It's not just convenience, though, but performance, as well. The ALPS analog sticks have clickable L3/R3 buttons for more input options. The Hall Effect magnetic sensors make the triggers feel satisfying to press and with great durability and smoothness that lasts.

The controller can also be used with a Chromebook or with a Windows PC via USB-C, so it can double up its role and add value to you.

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Nimbus cloud gaming controller

If you're a gamer of the Apple variety, this is the controller for you. This is our officially licensed controller for all Apple products, such as iOS, iPadOS and tvOS devices. However and wherever you want to enjoy those games is up to you.

With a 50-hour battery, it's easy to charge it up to last an entire trip when needed, or to enjoy a long session at home. With thousands of games to choose from Apple Arcade, you could spend hours browsing for the best games.

Similarly to Stratus+, Nimbus+ features clickable thumbsticks and Hall Effect sensors for an improved gaming feel, making this perfect for mobile cloud gaming with Apple devices. The phone mount also comes with it.

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