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How to Use SteelSeries Mice with Chromebook

SteelSeries is partnering with Google to bring Engine functionality to Chromebooks! Owners of Chromebooks and certain SteelSeries mice can use our new app to configure their gear.

In 2023 Google and their Chromebook manufacturer partners, Acer, ASUS & Lenovo, launched a series of Cloud Gaming Chromebooks featuring superior processing power, enhanced graphics and upgraded audio.

To complete these gaming rigs, SteelSeries & Google worked closely together to optimize SteelSeries gear for Chromebook.In order to bring advanced gaming peripheral functionality to Chromebooks, SteelSeries developed a Progressive Web Application (PWA) to control RGB, key bindings, and sensitivity settings for Chromebook-certified mice.

The following SteelSeries gaming mice work with our Engine for Chromebook:

How to configure SteelSeries mice on Chromebook

SteelSeries Engine for Chromebook

1. On your Chromebook, visit Engine for Chromebook on your browser.

2. You'll be greeted by a welcome screen; click on "Connect to Device." Click on that.

3. You'll see a list of devices compatible with Engine for Chromebook if they're connected; click on the device that shows up on the list to proceed.

4. You'll enter a menu where you can configure various aspects of the mouse: Illumination, Button Bindings, and CPI.

Adjust Illumination

Illumination settings RGB mouse

In this screen, you can adjust the RGB of your mouse. Select the zones you want to affect, and then the hues on the right: red, green, or blue.

You can also pick out your own color using the Custom Color tool.

Illumination RGB colors 2

Adjust Button bindings

Button adjustments mouse

In this menu, you can select what each button on the mouse does. First, select the button you want to configure on the left, then use the dropdowns on the right to decide.

Pick out the input type, and then select the appropriate function for that button. You can always reset the bindings to default on this screen.

Adjust mouse CPI

Adjust CPI settings

In the third menu, you can change the mouse CPI. You can change the values of any of the 5 assigned levels. You can type them in.

If you need too, you can also reset the settings to default on this page (affects only this tab.)

5. Install Engine for Chromebook as an app.

Engine for Chromebook

Lastly, you'll see a small icon in the right part of the URL bar. You can click and install it as an app on your Chromebook. You can pin the shortcut to your taskbar to have it handy.

And that's all for this tutorial. If you're using SteelSeries mice with Chromebook, make sure to follow these steps in order to set the settings exactly how you like them.

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