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How to Play PC Games on your Phone with GeForce NOW

Ever thought that it would be great to take your favorite Steam game on the go? With our new Stratus+ controller, that's easier than ever.

Imagine being able to access your Steam, Epic Games Store,, or Ubisoft games anywhere. Whether that means playing Assassin's Creed: Valhalla on the train, or dominating yet another match in Fortnite, the playfield opens up with GeForce NOW cloud gaming. With over 1600 games available (and more every Thursday), you're bound to find something to play on the go.

With the launch of our new mobile gaming controller Stratus+, it's easier than ever to do just that. Boasting an incredible 90-hour battery life, it's sure to outlast whatever session you have in mind (and fast charge has your back in case you forget). The wireless pad easily pairs with your mobile device or Chromebook using Bluetooth, or it can use a wired connection for your PC. What's more, it has a convenient phone mount, letting you use an Android phone with ease, which is what I tried.

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How to get GeForce NOW

You need a couple of things to get started streaming PC games to your Android device. First, head over to the GeForce NOW membership page to join -- and don't worry, there is a Free membership tier. I used the Free tier membership myself with success, but paid memberships offer more options, including up to 120FPS gameplay on select Android devices with the Ultimate membership.

Once you create an account, download the GeForce NOW app from Google PlayStore. Sign in using your NVIDIA credentials, and you can start connecting your game libraries or adding games to your GeForce NOW library. After hooking up your accounts, you'll see checkmarks by the games that you own. Having a PC close by is handy, since you might have to enter a few authentication/2-step verification codes as you do this.

GeForce Now Mobile Look

Also, keep in mind that GeForce NOW works with more than just Android. The service can help you bypass technical requirements for many games on a low-end PC or Mac, as well as Android TV, Smart TVs, Chromebooks, and even internet browsers. Download GeForce NOW to get started.

How to play Fortnite using GeForce NOW

Two requirements here: have the GeForce NOW active on your device, and "own" Fortnite on the Epic Games Store (even though it's free, it technically has to be in your Epic Games Store library, so make sure to have that done first). Once you do that, select "Play" in the menu, and the game will launch.

There may be a queue to start the game (having a higher tier membership gives you priority access to GeForce NOW servers, among other perks – be sure to check our Games Giveaway page for a chance to win a 3 day GeForce NOW Priority or Ultimate promo code!), but in my experience, the wait times aren't nearly as long as they seem. Soon enough, I was dropping in on my very first game of Fortnite (believe it or not!).

Where we dropping, boys?

Playing this on the Stratus+, with the phone attachment, felt fantastic. All the buttons were already mapped for me (I jumped in without even looking at options or going through the tutorial). Though I maybe could have increased the sensitivity on the thumbsticks, they still gave me plenty of precision, especially when I found a sniper rifle. Of course, all my teammates died, but I managed to 1v2 some opponents. I played cautiously, winning a four-way fight at the end. And I managed to win the very first game of Fortnite I ever played! If that isn't testimony to the advantage of the Stratus+, I don't know what is.

My first victory in Fortnite

Other games in GeForce NOW

Grim Dawn on GeForce NOW

There's plenty of other experiences awaiting you in GeForce NOW. I tried a variety of games. One of my favorite experiences in the past couple years has been Grim Dawn, an ARPG in the style of Diablo. So this ran great on my phone, but it's a bit of a weird experience -- the icons are a bit small for my phone. As for performance, it worked really well. I was impressed -- it felt just like playing it on PC.

Brawlhalla on GeForce NOW

Since I'm a big fighting game fan, I tried two other titles: Brawlhalla and Guilty Gear -Strive-. Though Brawlhalla does have an Android version, I'm not too familiar with it myself. It ran really well through GeForce NOW, and I was able to easily join an online match (even on Wifi, that's right!). I hardly felt much delay at all, and the Stratus+ really paved the way for a good mobile experience. I easily maneuvered around the map and came close to winning.

Guilty Gear -Strive- on GeForce NOW

As for Guilty Gear -Strive-, a more demanding, difficult fighting game, the experience was still pretty good. Although I didn't join online games, Training Mode was sufficient for me. If you're a fighting game aficionado, having the ability to "lab" (train) anywhere can be a huge plus. I pulled off combos with ease. I'm surprised as to how well it worked out. Perhaps it would be good to set up a local experience with two players.

Whether you're trying to play a complicated fighting game or you want to dab on some folks in Fortnite, the Stratus+ and GeForce NOW are a great combo. It's the perfect way to play your PC games on the go.

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