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Which Wireless Headset is Right for You?

Looking for a new wireless headset? We have some great options available. Let's break them down to see how you can get the best audio experience.

As our gaming headset collection grows, we are happy to guide you through the specific aspects of each to help you make the best choice. When looking for a good wireless gaming headset, there are a few factors to consider: the kind of wireless connection it offers, its battery, audio quality, build, and more.

Luckily, it's tough to go wrong on those aspects with a SteelSeries headset, as we pride ourselves on all those aspects. However, the headsets will vary between each other in some ways, with some premium features available depending on the model. We have also expanded our collection with the new Arctis Nova 5 Wireless.

Which one is best for you? Let's dive into the differences between all three with an informative table to lay it all out. Then we'll discuss the features a bit to help you make your choice.

ModelArctis Nova Pro WirelessArctis Nova 7Arctis Nova 5
Launch Date202220222024
Active Noise Cancellation
2.4GHz Wireless
Spatial Audio
Dual Wireless
Quick-Switch Wireless
Mobile App Support
ConnectionDual Input Base StationUSB-C DongleUSB-C Dongle
Battery LifeDual-Battery System38 HR60 HR
USB-C ChargingBase Station
15 Min Fast Charge3 HR6 HR6 HR
ClearCast Retractable Mic✔ (Gen 2✔ (Gen 2)2.X (32kHz/16bit)
Speaker SystemHigh Fidelity (20Hz-22kHz)High Fidelity (20Hz-22kHz)Hi-Res Capable (10Hz-40kHz)
VersionsPC, PlayStation, Xbox (White available for each)PC, PlayStation (White available), Xbox (White available)PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Active Noise Cancellation

active noise cancellation

This premium feature is unique to the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless. With Transparency Mode, you can even adjust how much you hear through, just in case you need to be more aware of your surroundings. But all in all, this is an even better way to become immersed in your favorite media.

Battery Life

gaming headset battery life

Definitely a key aspect of wireless headsets. We have designed many convenience features to keep you going and going. Arctis Nova Pro Wireless features a dual-battery system, which means that while you're using one battery, you're always charging the other; switching only takes a couple of seconds.

On the other hand, Arctis Nova 5 comes with an upgraded battery lasting up to 60 hours. That's basically a full week of usage. That headset and Nova 7 Wireless both feature Fast Charge via USB-C, so you can get back into action fast and not keep your friends waiting.

Dual Wireless vs. Quick-Switch Wireless

dual wireless headset

All these headsets have fancy wireless connection methods. Each one has our 2.4GHz connection, which is what you should prefer over Bluetooth when it comes to gaming. It's better, and it's lag-free.

Nova Pro and Nova 7 have a Dual Wireless feature, where you can use both connections at once. So, you can be playing a game, but you can also listen to a podcast from your phone, or be on a call, or listen to music. Whatever you want to mix and match, like a power user.

Nova 5, on the other hand, features Quick-Switch Wireless. While not simultaneous, you can switch over to your Bluetooth connection at any time, and should you get a call, you can answer it with the touch of a button.

Speaker System

speakers gaming headset

Good news here — all the headsets have amazing audio. Nova 5 and 7 Wireless are on par, while the improved drivers in the Nova Pro Wireless are hi-res capable and have a wider frequency range.

Software and Game Support

Nova 5 companion app

When you're on PC, Sonar Software has a boatload of features that take your audio to the next level. With hundreds of presets made for specific games, AI noise cancelling features, EQ adjusting, there's plenty to adjust your experience.

By using the Arctis Nova Pro's Wireless Base Station, you can adjust some of the presets on console. In this way, you can enjoy much better audio tailored to your game.

However, you can do even better with Nova 5 Wireless and its new Companion App. Pick out any of the 100+ presets to literally "hack" your gaming audio to be much better. Now you'll hear all the detail you need, and that can help you win.


SteelSeries gaming headset

There's no going wrong here, as both Nova 7 and Nova Pro Wireless feature the ClearCast Gen 2 Microphones, which feature noise cancellation. The newer Nova 5 Wireless features the same microphone but with an upgraded chipset, which picks up the range of your voice better; it features a doubled bandwidth of 32kHz/16 bit.


wireless headset connect

Nova 5 and 7 feature a convenient, portable USB-C type dongle. It's easy to take with you and move across devices, so when you're traveling or on the go, you can easily have it with you (though you can always just use Bluetooth without it for commuting).

Nova Pro Wireless is a bit more "stationary" with its Wireless Base Station, which also works as a "command center" to monitor the status of the headset and tinker with various settings. The added bonus is the fact that you can plug in two systems at once and switch between them without having to change out any cables. So if your gamer station has a PC and as well as a console with it, or maybe your living room TV has multiple consoles, you can hook both up to the Station.


gaming headset design

Each headset is lightweight and beautifully designed. The ComfortMAX System is our fancy word for saying that the headsets are very comfy and have multiple points of adjustment, so you can find the right fit even if your noggin is exceedingly big or small. Each one is fairly lightweight.

Arctis Nova 7 and Pro feature a metallic headband and customizable speaker plates (which are also metal on the Pro). Pick out a special color from our Accessory pages or even nab a special Limited Edition design, depending on availability.

Have you made up your mind? Really, there's no going wrong! All of these are great headsets for wireless gameplay on PC and console. Upgrade your audio today to derive even more enjoyment from your media.

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