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Introducing Arctis Nova 5 Wireless

A new wireless gaming headset joins the Nova line, and a SteelSeries first, a Companion App designed to bring our game-changing audio presets to your consoles.

It's a new day, and another new groundbreaking step in the SteelSeries Nova headset line.

With Arctis Nova 5 Wireless and its Companion App, bring specialized EQ audio presets to your favorite games. Want to hear all the important details in Fortnite, like enemy movement, drink and other consumables, better? Need to identify footsteps when you're camped out in a building in Call of Duty? With over 100 presets on both PlayStation and Xbox, you can have the ultimate audio settings. Created in consultation with esport pros and game developers, you'll be able to switch those audio profiles on the fly, without ever leaving your game, all from the app.

That's just the tip of the headset-berg. Nova 5 Wireless also features Quick-Switch Wireless and our longest battery life on a wireless headset yet (not counting the Infinity Power System on the Nova Pro Wireless, at the least). Let's dive in with an overview of what can you expect with our newest entry.

Arctis Nova 5 Wireless Features Overview

Arctis Nova 5 Wireless gaming headset

With three versions, every gamer can find the right headset for themselves: Arctis Nova 5 Wireless, Arctis Nova 5P Wireless, and Arctis Nova 5X Wireless.

  • 100s of Game Audio Profiles: With the Nova 5 Companion App, bring specific audio profiles to a large selection of games, even if you're on PlayStation or Xbox, a SteelSeries first
  • 60-Hour Battery Life: Lasting up to five-times longer than other headsets, game all week long. Don't let the battery stop you. Fast Charge also enabled.
  • Quick-Switch Wireless: Nova 5 Wireless features 2.4GHz and Bluetooth. Switch between those two connections with a tap of a button. You'll get notified if someone calls you while gaming, and you can talk using the headset. Additionally, EQ presets stay separate between the two modes.
  • Neodymium Magnetic Drivers: Our custom-designed drivers, forged from a rare-earth metal, create an ultra-detailed, high-quality soundscape for your ears.
  • ClearCast 2.X Mic: We upgraded our microphone for twice the bandwidth and clarity; new chipset supports 32KHz/15Bit Audio. That's twice the numbers. And still completely retractable.
  • Multi-Platform: Your favorite wireless dongle is back; it's small and magical. It's your key to audio on PC, PlayStation, Xbox (with the Nova 5X), Switch, mobile phones, tablets, Meta Quest, you name it.
  • Durable Design: Reinforced, yet flexible, the dual-hinged arms ensure longevity alongside removable ear cushions with breathable memory foam and the iconic stretch headband to comfort your noggin.
  • Easy Controls: All you need is right on the headset, including the Quick-Switch Button to tap into Bluetooth when you need it.

Premium yet accessible, Arctis Nova 5 Wireless is a bold new step from SteelSeries to deliver you an incredible audio experience. With our audio profiles becoming available for console gamers for the first time, the playing field just got a whole lot more even. Or actually in your favor, with all the game-specific, detail-highlighting audio presets you'll be using.

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Arctis Nova 5 Wireless gaming headset