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Do Arctis Headsets Work with Xbox Series X?

Microsoft announced late last year that 99% of current "Designed for Xbox" partnered hardware accessories would also work with the next gen console, Xbox Series X. This of course includes headsets!

The best overall Arctis for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

The Arctis 7X is our top pick for next-gen gaming, with 24 hour battery life, extensive multi-platform use via USB-C, and more. This headset was designed specifically for next-gen Xbox consoles.

Like other Xbox-compatible Arctis headsets, the Arctis 7X will work on Xbox Series X|S on day 1 with no updates required.

The best premium Arctis for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

The Arctis 9X has built-in Xbox Wireless, allowing it to connect directly with the console (just like your controller).

The Series X and Series S will feature the same wireless capabilities, allowing the Arctis 9X to directly connect to Series X or Series S - no firmware updates needed! In other words, the Arctis 9X will work with Xbox Series X and Series S from day 1, with all features supported.

The best budget multiplatform Arctis for Xbox Series X

The Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox works wirelessly on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, and also wirelessly on basically all of your other devices (Android phone, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC)

Just like the 9X, it works wirelessly with Xbox Series X and S from day 1, no firmware updates needed!

Also compatible with Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will still feature a headset jack on the controller, so if you have any of the wired Arctis headsets, including the Arctis 1 or Arctis 3, you will be able to easily use those with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as well.

Technically compatible

While the Arctis Pro, Arctis Pro + GameDAC, and Arctis Pro Wireless were not designed specifically for Xbox One, we did provide some workaround guides to make them work on Xbox One.

Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles do not include an optical audio jack, so the Xbox One workaround setup will not work. The only option for using Arctis Pro headsets with the Xbox Series X or Series S will be to connect them wired to the controller.

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Other Arctis headsets?

Arctis Pro + GameDAC headset laying on a table

Any Arctis headset can technically be plugged in to the Series X controller via 3.5mm jack, but since they aren't all designed for Xbox, you won't have full use of all their features.

If you already own any Arctis headset, your headset is compatible when you plug into the Series X controller via 3.5mm, so you don't need to worry about getting a new headset unless you want to upgrade.

What if I'm experiencing audio glitches with my Arctis 9X on my Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?

When using a headset with Xbox Wireless (such as the Arctis 9X), audio glitches can occur when the controller is idle for a period of time. This is a known issue between the Xbox Series X|S and the next-gen controller. Microsoft is currently working on a fix and will update the system when ready. In the meantime, a workaround is to use an Xbox One controller with the Series X|S.

Update: As of November 30th, 2020, Microsoft has released an update to the console that should fix this issue.

Which Arctis headsets work with Windows Sonic/Dolby Atmos/DTS Headphone:X on Series X|S?

Any Arctis headsets will work with these surround sound technologies on the next-gen Xbox. Note that Dolby and DTS features may require additional purchase.

I hope this helped answer your questions about Arctis on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S! Connect with us on Discord.

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