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What is Xbox Wireless?

You have a wireless headset and an Xbox, so you're good to go, right? Probably, maybe. Let's explore how a Microsoft integration makes a headset like the 9X the ideal choice for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Standard wireless headsets

Most wireless headsets will logistically work with your Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S by utilizing a licensed USB transmitter or dongle, but it's far from an ideal solution.

We didn't just want to make the Arctis 9X compatible, we wanted to make it the most ideal choice for Xbox One.

So we worked with Microsoft directly in order to intregrate their wireless technology with the award-winning quality of the Arctis headset.

So why don't other wireless headsets do this?

Microsoft is selective about which products to partner with to utilize their wireless technology, so we were honored to be one of the few companies that have been able to partner with them to create the ideal Xbox gaming headset. We didn't just want it to work on Xbox; we wanted it to be the best.

So, we did a lot of research. The main complaints that gamers had with existing Xbox Wireless headsets focused on the connection. Their feedback included problems with:

  • Wireless interference
  • Connection drops
  • Audio glitches
  • Low battery life
  • Short wireless range

Because of this, we knew we couldn't just use an off-the-shelf solution and call it a day. Instead, we custom developed the Arctis 9X's chipset to specifically work with the Xbox Wireless tech, eliminating the various issues that gamers had with other headsets.

Since we worked with Microsoft from the ground up to integrate Xbox Wireless with the Arctis 9X, we're thrilled to have created an audio experience as flawless as using an Xbox controller, with benefits like twice the standard battery life.

We're legitimately excited and proud to bring amazing wireless audio to the Xbox One.

Xbox wireless integration

Xbox Wireless is Microsoft's wireless technology that allows certified devices (such as controllers and headsets) to connect directly and wirelessly with an Xbox, without any dongles or adapters.

We knew we wanted this level of ease for a wireless headset on Xbox, which is why the Arctis 9X is fully integrated with Xbox Wireless. What does this mean?

  • Pair your Arctis 9X directly to your Xbox, just like you pair an official controller - nothing to plug in, no dongles, no software. Connection placeholder
  • Turn on your Arctis 9X to turn on the console.
  • The Xbox home screen displays "headset connected" when you connect your headset.
  • The Xbox home screen displays the current battery level, so you always know if your headset battery is running low. Battery placeholder

Does a lot of this sound familiar? Probably, because it functions just like the official Xbox controller. Same technology, same convenience.

In addition, you can also:

  • Adjust your game vs. chat volume directly on the headset, instead of via in-game menus. This is great for when your game volume is too loud, your friends are talking through a tense moment, etc.
  • Take a phone call right on the headset mid-game (and lower your game volume on the headset too), or take the headset on the go, thanks to the included Bluetooth capability.

And of course, it's fully next-gen ready for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and will work out of box at launch with no updates required. Enjoy :)