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How to Turn Off Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback on PlayStation 5

Turn off adaptive triggers and haptic feedback on your DualSense controller for a more streamlined PS5 experience.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly its DualSense controller. It's such an interesting addition to the package, with its unique design and its useful features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, that it truly feels like a significant evolution of the DualShock controller line.

But those extra features, which allow for some very cool in-game interactions like feeling the tension of a bow string or even controlling how you fire a gun, can drain your battery extremely quickly. They can also be disconcerting for some users, who'd rather not be distracted by those features, as cool as they can be.

Here's how you can turn them all off completely, no matter the reason you choose to do so.

How to turn off adaptive triggers and haptic feedback on PS5

It's pretty simple to turn off these extraneous options if you choose to do so, and if you want to turn them back on later, you're free to do that as well.

Start at the PlayStation 5 home screen, and then go to the Settings menu, denoted by a small gear. Look for the Accessories menu, and select that. From there, head to Controllers. Look for the Vibration Intensity option to turn off the haptic feedback option. Set it to "Off." Next, look for Trigger Effect Intensity and set it to "Off." This will turn off both haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, leaving your DualSense controller to feel more like a regular DualShock.

You can also adjust how strong their sensations are from the same menu or turn them back on in the same place. This won't affect any gameplay at all, but keep in mind some games may rely on you feeling the tension in the triggers or the fact that you can feel feedback for you to pass certain sections. You may consider turning it back on for that reason in some sections.

That's all you need to do, though, if those options are a little too pesky or distracting for you. Enjoy the wonderful new world of gaming on PlayStation 5!

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