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Best Gifts for PC Gamers

Looking for the best goodies to give PC gamers this year? Consult our list for some awesome choices.

If you know a PC gamer you've got to buy for this holiday season, know that they have a whole different set of needs than your average Xbox or PlayStation console gamer. With that in mind, be sure you nab them the best possible goodies and equipment you can find.

If you're having trouble deciding on what to purchase a member of the PC gaming faithful, we've put together a helpful listing of some of the best options you can currently pick up for a PC gamer that they'll love right away.

And who knows? You may even find something you love here for yourself as well.

Arctis Pro

The Arctis Pro, looking like the headset boss it truly is. Give the best headset you can give with the Arctis Pro, which offers best-in-the-industry sound with lightweight construction, surround sound, and a mic that features ClearCast technology for some of the best sound you can get in the realm of PC gaming. Make sure your giftee has the best possible equipment to bring their A-game with this comfortable, reliable headset that will make sure they're equipped with the best goods possible for any game. Plus, it's super stylish, so if the PC gamer you have in mind is a streamer, they can rest easy knowing they're lookin' good.

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Prime Wireless

Prime Wireless gaming mouse The new Prime Wireless mouse is everything you love about the pro-centric Prime mouse, only wireless. That means you get lightning-fast Prestige optical magnetic switches--a first in gaming--that can deliver over 100M crispy clicks, so you'll be gaming with it for some time to come. Plus, with pro grade precision tracking with the TrueMove Pro gaming sensor, your movements will translate as quickly as you make them. It’s just 80g in terms of weight, with a textured matte design developed in tandem with some of the top pros in the esports industry. It also provides over 100 hours of high-performance 1000Hz gameplay, in addition to fast charge. This mouse is truly going to take you places.

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Aerox 3 Wireless

Aerox 3 Wireless If you have someone in mind who's all about the need for speed when gaming, you'll want to gift them the Aerox 3. It's an extremely lightweight mouse at just 57g, which means you get effortlessly fast movements with silky smooth glide skates. It features a pixel-perfect TrueMove Core optical gaming sensor for those minute movements, and AquaBarrier for water resistance as well as protection from dust and other invasive particles. Plus, having a mouse with holes in it is pretty awesome. They'll want to show your friends with all their awesome custom RGB lighting below the frame.

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Apex Pro Keyboard

A shot of the Apex Pro keyboard utilizing its RGB lighting. Just like any PC gamer can use a mouse, a keyboard is always an excellent choice. The Apex Pro is the biggest leap in mechanical keyboards since the invention of the mechanical switch over 35 years ago. Each key can be adjusted to meet your preferred sensitivity level, whether it’s for gaming, work, or anything else. What's more, you can customize its lighting effects to your liking, so anyone you gift it to can match it to their decor. That's a win for everyone.

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Giant SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mousepad

SteelSeries QcK mousepad lineup Give the gift of plenty of space to glide a mouse around with the SteelSeries mousepad line. No matter if the PC gamer in your life has a small or massive desk, SteelSeries has the right size to keep them covered. Durable and washable to clean easily, crafted from micro-woven cloth for better control, and optimized for low and high CPI tracking, this is the Cadillac of mousepads. Surprise your gamer friend with nothing but the best.

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Some of our other favorite PC gamer gifts out there:

Elgato Stream Deck

The Elgato Stream Deck up close and personal, with plenty of buttons to customize. PC gamers almost inevitably stream their favorite titles on services like Twitch. For those who head online to share their favorite games with others, the Elgato Stream Deck is an awesome tool. It comes with 15 customizable LCD keys that can be set to function essentially however you want. Whether that means setting macros in games or for streams, or even automating processes, this Stream Deck offers plenty of easy ways to interface with your favorite programs. Any PC gamer can add this useful tool to their arsenal.

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Avantree Universal Wooden & Aluminum Headphone Stand

The headphone stand pictured with a pair of headphones hanging from it. Make sure your giftee has somewhere to place their brand new gaming headset. This stand is a great way to ensure they won't lose it, the cord won't get tangled, and it looks nice on their desk. Plus, it'll be right there for easy access. The wood and aluminum construction make it versatile for any office situation, and it should be able to handle just about any headset or pair of headphones. Make any PC gamer's life easier with this attractive stand.

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GTRacing Gaming Chair

One of the GTRacing chairs in a special colorway, looking comfortable as heck. Everyone who games on PC or even sits at one for a good portion of the day needs a comfortable place for their butt (and their back). Give the ultimate gift of comfort with this GTRacing chair, which comes in several different colors. It comes packing a strong metal frame, lumbar and head support, PU leather, and a supportive frame to keep those who sit in it in prime gaming condition. It's a little pricey, but well worth the bigger price tag.

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Xbox Wireless Controller

The Xbox Wireless Controller in a gray and light blue colorway. It might seem odd to recommend an Xbox One controller for PC gamers, but it's one of the best controllers you can use in PC games. Just connect this bad boy via Bluetooth and it'll automatically sync up with most Steam games with the proper setup. It feels great in the hands and is compatible with most titles. Plus, it has great, long-lasting battery life. If your giftee has an Xbox One, they can use it with the console as well. Buy it Here >

G Fuel Snow Cone Energy Formula

A tub of the G Fuel Snow Cone flavor. Give the PC gamer in your life a bit more stamina to get the job done with tasty, sugar free G Fuel energy drink. It comes in tons of flavors (though Snow Cone is pretty great), it offers energy without the crash, and it helps those who drink it with reaction times, focusing, endurance, and most of all, energy. Give your PC gamer a tub to make their own mixes and see if it helps them with their favorite titles or even just through their work day.

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Aukey Full HD Webcam

PC gamers who stream need a reliable camera to show their face while gaming. This Aukey webcam is a cheap and reliable option for streaming, video calls, or Discord chats with PC gamers' friends. It serves up full HD, 1080p video with built-in stereo microphones, great 30fps recording, even in dimly-lit rooms, and a price tag no one can argue with. Even if the PC gamer you know doesn't stream, they can always find a use for this awesome webcam, especially during the times we currently live in.

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