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Best Gift Ideas for Gamers

Need to shop for a gamer? Not sure where to start? We've got your back with some of the best gifts we can think of. Start right here.

The holidays are nearly here, but what in the world do you buy for a self-proclaimed "gamer" who seems to have it all?

It can be difficult to keep up, especially when it means knowing your League of Legends from your World of Warcraft. Not everyone is as well-versed in the gaming world, and that's totally fine. That's why if you need to pick up a gift for someone who's totally immersed in the world, we've got some excellent choices for you. Check out our gaming gift guide full of great picks for any gamer.

Still not sure where to start? Read up on our tips for shopping for your gaming friends to help you get started.

Whether your giftee is a hardcore PC gamer or someone who prefers console play with casual interests sprinkled in for good measure, there's a great choice on this list. We're here to make your job much less difficult than it has to be.

Happy gifting!

Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller laid out with additional parts next to it.

If you know a gamer who needs a bit more assistance to enjoy their favorite titles, give the gift of an Xbox Adaptive Controller to make it even easier for them to jump into their favorite shooter or platformer. It's designed to help gamers of any background play the games they love, and it's extremely versatile. As Microsoft says, it's "designed with players with limited mobility in mind" and many more can benefit from it. If you know someone who requires assistive devices to game, this is a must-have.

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Apex Pro Keyboard

Apex Pro

Anyone, gamer or not, can use an awesome new keyboard. The Apex Pro is a fantastic choice, as the fastest and most advanced keyboard you can currently pick up. It's appropriate for anyone looking to up their WASD game in their favorite shooter or level up macros in their go-to MMO. Give it to a gamer who just likes to hang out on Twitch. Whatever you do, be sure to customize those RGB lights to your liking.

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Video Games Collection Puzzle

The puzzle's exterior, showing off all the cool systems and games pictured in the final piece.

Subvert any gamer's expectations by giving them something video game-related that isn't actually a game. This puzzle from Uncommon Goods is awesome and highly-detailed, and it's 1000 pieces to boot. You'll see goodies like the NES and even the cartridges that accompanies classic consoles. Your giftee will be thrilled to put together this image, and they might even learn a thing or two about what came before their favorite consoles now.

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PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership

The PlayStation Plus 12 Month membership retail card design.

Having a PlayStation console means you pretty much have to have PlayStation Plus. While not every game requires that you have it to play online, if you don't have it, you're missing out on discounts, monthly free games, and a whole starter collection of titles to play for free for anyone just getting started on PlayStation. Give the gamer in your life one of the most useful things you can give for this console and you'll have a very happy giftee on your hands.

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SteelSeries QcK Mousepad

SteelSeries mousepads

Any gamer who spends time with their favorite titles on PC can use a new mousepad. Even if they spend more time on the computer working than having fun, treating someone technically-inclined to a new mousepad is a great idea. The QcK cloth mousepad is durable, washable, and optimized for both low and high CPI tracking. So whether you're gifting for a gamer who's training in an FPS or someone who simply loves to play visual novels, they'll be in for a comfortable and awesome mousepad with any size of the QcK series. Plus, you can get some totally huge sizes to fit any desk, if that's what you need.

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Evolution of the Video Game Controller Poster

The poster, showing off years' worth of game controllers all in one place.

Any gamer can appreciate the way their hobby has evolved over time. Give them this awesome piece of decor to place anywhere in their home that shows exactly how things have changed over the years. From the Atari home Pong console to the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, this poster shows off iconic designs from every era of gaming. Not only will it put a smile on your special gamer's face, but it'll ensure they have a fun conversation piece in their home as well.

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Xbox Game Pass Membership

The retail card for a 6-month Xbox Game Pass membership.

Having an Xbox Game Pass membership is like a ticket to having your own personal video game rental service. Give the gift of choice for any gamer in your life who can never decide what to play. Jumpstart a long-term subscription by offering a few months (or opt for a year) to the service. It's especially useful now that the Xbox Series X is out on the horizon. Even if the person you pick it up for already has a subscription, you'll still be doing them a solid by extending it for them for free. When they're enjoying every first-party Xbox exclusive on launch day at no extra charge, they'll be thinking about you.

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Arctis 1 Headset

Arctis 1

This is the gaming headset that can truly do it all. This option is a multi-platform product that's not only appropriate for use on PS4, PS5, PC, Switch, and Android, but it's a great option for hanging out and chatting on Discord on PC as well. With a steel-reinforced headband that means the perfect fit every time (as well as durability you know will last), the Arctis 1 offers high-performance sound that any gamer can appreciate, no matter what kind of high scores they're getting.

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Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition

The bright and colorful box showing off the Super Mario Celebration Edition, with tons of Marios.

Everyone knows Mario, and everyone knows Monopoly. The two come together with the Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition, serving up a healthy helping of Mario throughout the years with fun sound effects, splashy full-color artwork, and trivia for Super Mario fans. The whole family can come together and enjoy this tribute to gaming history, but Mario and Nintendo fans will especially enjoy themselves here. Give this awesome version of Monopoly to anyone with a casual interest in gaming or a hardcore love for everyone's favorite Italian plumber.

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