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Diablo IV Season 2 Tips

Some of these tips are Seasonal, but they can also apply to all areas of the game.

Season of Blood is off to a great start. Whether you're looking for general Diablo IV tips or Season-specific, you're in the right place. Check out these 5 tips to get you rolling with a new character and beyond.

Should I start playing in World Tier 1 or World Tier 2?

Diablo 4 World tier

It is ultimately better to start your leveling journey in Diablo IV on World Tier 1. While WT2 does offer additional rewards, they do not outweigh the increased time needed to kill monsters. You will simply kill faster and clear objectives with a greater time efficiency on WT1. You're really not missing out on much by not playing in WT2.

If it is really too easy and you're just slaying extremely fast, you can try WT2 to see how it feels, but change it back if you're slowed too much.

How do I get gold and items quickly in Diablo IV?

When it comes to gold farming, the Whispering Caches are your new best friend. They can drop about 500,000 gold (or more) even in the early levels. You should plan your world activities around what has Whispers. Avoid doing activities that don't have them active. For example, it's most likely not worth doing cellars unless they have Whispers active, or regular dungeons if you're not tying the activity to anything else.

Look to "triage" your XP gain around Seasonal objectives, Whispers, and Aspects that you want, and so on.

Do the Blood Harvests

D4 Blood Harvest

Obviously, you know that you'll want to do the new seasonal event, Blood Harvests. They help you unlock the new Vampiric Powers attainable this season. As you acquire Potent Blood, a new currency, you're able to spend it to get new powers or upgrade the ones you currently have.

Enemies will drop Blood Lures and occasionally Seeker Keys for chests. Both are tracked in the upper right corner of your screen. Unlike in Helltides, these won't drop if you die. Keep gathering Blood Lures; you can spend 15 on a Blood Chalice to summon enemies. Keep opening chests as you find them to get plentiful loot and season-specfic items like the Pacts and Pact removers.

The green skull icon denotes a Blood Pedestal. Each one requires 50 Blood Lures, and there are 3. You can try to feed all 3 yourself, or you can do it with another player. It will summon several waves of enemies, followed by 3 bosses: Onore of the Ancients. Tidao of the Ancients, and Xereph of the Ancients.

Unlock gifts from the Hunter's Board

Diablo 4 Hunter's Board

In line with doing the Blood Harvests, yet another benefit is earning Hunter's Acclaim, which is like XP for the Hunter's Board, which has its own leveling track. As you kill monsters during the Harvests, you'll earn this automatically (sort of like grinding Reputation in World of Warcraft). The rewards are very much worth it: you'll start get Caches with Legendary items.

However, note that there are some Vampiric Powers that you can only get from the Hunter's Board, like the Accursed Touch. It's a very potent power that you should definitely grind towards, especially if it's good for your build. It will speed up clearing rooms of monsters.

New UI improvements

Diablo 4 Stash

Other than marking items as "Junk" you can also now "Favorite" them. Just press the same command again on the item. On PC, that's Space by default.

You've probably noticed that you no longer get Gems, and instead get fragments instead. Go to the Jeweler to create gems for yourself. You can refine and recraft them as well.

If you need to modify the specific Pacts on your gear, go to the Alchemist to craft the appropriate removers.

You can now filter and search your stash tab with various icons and text.

Note that the timers for World Boss spawns and Legions show up much earlier, so plan your runs around them and participate in the events when possible.

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