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Diablo IV: 35 Great Tips & Tricks

There are lots of little ways to make the Diablo IV grind easier and better on you. We have a collection of fun tips & tricks are bound to make your journey in Sanctuary even better than before.

We've collected some awesome tips for Diablo IV from Reddit to improve your farming and your quality of life! As you know, Blizzard continues to iterate and improve on the game, so some of these may be subject to change. Nonetheless, you may have overlooked some of these, so check out these great tips & tricks for the hack 'n slash.

Diablo IV Settings Tips

Diablo 4 tips

  • Make sure to enable both Advanced Tooltip Compare and Advanced Tooltip Information under the Gameplay tab. These will show the relative ranks of the items you're comparing, as well as the ranges they can roll.
  • You can give your character an outline in a chosen color by enabling Display Player Highlight at the bottom of the Gameplay tab. This can be particularly handy if you tend to lose track of your character in packs of mobs.
  • In the Keybinds menu, assign a key to Force Move. This will let you move your character without accidentally attacking nearby enemies or objects.
  • You can assign a specific key to each action of the wheel menu in the keybinds tab. This can be invaluable when you need to use a Scroll of Escape without having to navigate the wheel menu or opening your inventory.
  • Pressing CTRL + R once shows your frame rate, pressing it again shows your latency. This can help in determining whether rubberbanding is the cause of a connection issue or something else.
  • In either the Sounds or Accessibility tab you can enable In-game Loot Sounds and even specify the item type or quality.
  • In the same Accessibility tab you can also change Font and Cursor size.

Items and Inventory Management in Diablo IV

Diablo 4 tips

  • Until the gem tab arrives (announced for Season 2!), you might as well pick up just enough Flawless Gems to craft the Royal Gems you actually need. There's no reason to clutter your stash or inventory with stacks of gems that will sit there anyway.
  • When you're sorting through a full inventory of loot, make sure to hit the Sort button in the top right. This will neatly organize items based on their slot and descending item level.
  • You can mark items as junk by hitting space bar, which can then be sold with a single right click at a vendor.
  • If you don't pick up a Legendary, Unique, Mount, Barding, or Mount Trophy, they get sent to your stash. Do note that there's a limit of 10 items that will be sent over, so make sure to go and check them out if you see the exclamation mark on your stash.
  • To simplify the process of determining upgrades, it's important to note there's a breakpoint at item level 725. When leveling and deciding between upgrades below that point, it's usually fine to equip the green/bigger number.
  • When you do finally find that Ancestral Rare, it's more cost-efficient to follow a sequence when upgrading the item:

1.Re-roll stats at the Occultist 2.Upgrade at the Blacksmith 3.Add Sockets at the Jeweler 4.Imprint Aspect at the Occultist

  • There's a soft cap at item level 820 for most items, but there are some exceptions. Rare Elites in the Open World can drop items up to item level 840. These items come with pre-determined stat rolls and are unique in a sense that you can double up on a specific roll.
  • Once you hit World Tier 4, it pays to check the different vendors. You might find the affixes you need on the yellow items. It's like seeing extra drops!

General Diablo IV Gameplay Tips

Diablo 4 gameplay

  • Make sure to always have the buff from an potion elixir active, even if you don't care for the primary effects. All of them give you a 5% experience boost. This might not seem like much, but if you know that you need more than 487 million exp to reach level 100, that translates to over 24 million exp through the buff alone.
  • You can actually stack 3 incense at the same time. When you go to the alchemist, the grey subtext denotes whether it's either a Type 1, 2, or 3 incense, and you can have one of each type active simultaneously.
  • In your first play through focus on finishing the campaign first. This will take you to roughly level 45, and you'll naturally unlock your horse at the end of Act 3.
  • Once done with the campaign, focus on finding all of the Altars of Lilith. You only need to do this once for your account, and they do unlock account wide bonuses that increase your characters' stats.
  • If efficiency is of any concern, know that some Side Quests will take you through certain dungeons. If you don't want to rerun those twice, you can check the list on the linked website.
  • You can mark all the legendaries you don't want as "Junk" then the "Salvage Junk" button will get rid of all of them at once, and you won't have to confirm each one.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with your build in the early game. The cost of refunding all of your skill points below level 50 is negligible.
  • If you need to spam your basic attack, there's no need to spam your left mouse button. Simply hold it down, and save both your mouse and your index finger some pain.
  • When it comes to which World Tier to pick, do note that the hassle of WT 2 isn't worth it as it stands right now. The monsters take longer to kill for a mere 20% bonus to experience and gold.
  • WT 3 however is definitely worth it, as not only does the experience increase by 100%, but you also get access to Ancestral Sacred and Unique items, Helltides, and Nightmare Dungeons.
  • When first entering WT 3 and WT 4, focus on acquiring a new set of gear. The difference in stats will make a massive difference when it comes to your damage and survivability.
  • If you struggle pushing Nightmare Dungeons in WT 4, you probably need to level up some more. The Paragon Board adds significant amounts of strength and survivability to your character.
  • Nightmare Dungeons' monster levels are always 50 + the level of the World Tier.
  • Certain enemy types have a propensity to drop specific items. You can check which dungeons to target farm through the link.
  • There are 6 Uber Uniques in the game that are so rare most of us will never acquire one. Do note that they only drop from level 85 enemies and above. So if you want to try your luck, make sure you're running NMD at tiers 31 and above, or the Helltides are scaled to that level.
  • With one of the recent updates, Helltides now feature Tortured Gifts of Mystery for 250 cinders, which are coincidentally also one of the seasonal objectives. Unlike the regular chests, these don't show up on your map, but there are a few websites that post the most likely locations.
  • The same website I linked features a timer for Helltides, World Bosses and Legion Events. If you rely on the ingame icons on the map, these might be easy to miss out.
  • When you meet the Butcher in a dungeon or Cellar, you can actually disengage him by putting enough distance between the both of you. Do note that he has a devastating charge attack, and can pull you back with his chains as well. So don't waste your dodges when fleeing this way.
  • The Butcher is quite clunky and can get stuck in doorways, and has trouble turning corners. So you can indefinitely kite him around objects while whittling him down, without ever getting hurt.
  • There's a theory floating around that a spawn of the Butcher is tied to a Goblin spawn as well, so keep an eye out for more loot!

Huge thanks to u/Phandrel on Reddit and other Redditors for compiling these Diablo IV tips. We wish all the heroes of Santcuary the best RNG for loot!

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