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Best Gaming Accessories for iPhone 15

As the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Max gained a USB-C slot, that gave us a great idea: why not get amazing gaming audio while playing on your iPhone with our Arctis headsets?

Mobile gaming has evolved further than ever, as our machines are now capable of streaming full games to our phones. The limitations stem from inferior phone speakers for that signature soundtrack as well as touch controls. But we solved both issues. Regardless, there are many great Apple Arcade games on the iPhone as well.

We've found a great setup with the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, as well as compatible iPads. All you need is a great Arctis gaming headset and a Nimbus+ controller!

Best Low Latency Gaming Audio with iPhone 15

Any of our gaming headsets that includes a USB-C dongle:

The advantage of these headsets that come with a USB-C dongle (except for the Nova 3, which is a wired headset with USB-C) is the Quantum Wireless 2.0 technology, which brings audio to your ears with extremely low latency. It's the best audio transmission for an optimal gaming experience on your iPhone.

Best Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 15

While you can use Bluetooth headsets, for the purpose of this article, we will focus on the headsets that include the USB-C dongle, since the iPhone 15 has gained a USB-C slot.

How to use a Headset with iPhone 15

iPhone headset how to.

The setup with our USB-C dongle gaming headsets is extremely simple. All you need to do is to plug in the dongle into the USB-C slot of your iPhone 15, and the headset will work. Make sure the headset is on, too.

Since you're not using Bluetooth, there is no need to pair anything. The audio is relayed via the 2.4GHz, low latency connection.

iPhone 15 games.

Just like that, our model is ready to listen to awesome, Arctis-quality audio from his iPhone! The Nova Acoustic System and High Fidelity Drivers enhance the experience.

How to play Steam games on your phone

Ruined King league of legends.

You can take this gaming to the next level by using Steam Link on your phone! Install the app on your iPhone to access your library of Steam games remotely. Complete the intial setup at home (your phone will need to scan for nearby devices using Steam).

Once you set everything up, you can enjoy your Steam games on the go. Paired with an awesome headset like the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless, you're only step away from the ultimate gaming setup on the go!

As pictured above, we're enjoying Ruined King with our headset while using Steam Play. All that's left is a gaming controller Nimbus+, created specifically for Apple devices, which comes with a handy mount and official wireless Apple connectivity.

How to play PlayStation games on your phone

Diablo IV play.

Before we get to the final setup piece, we should also mention that you can play PlayStation games on your phone. With PS Remote Play, you can access your PlayStation library while using your iPhone. All while listening to excellent audio from your gaming headset.

Just like that, we logged into our PS library to play Diablo IV and hop in online. It's a joy to play with the Nimbus+.

We hope you found a new accessory to enjoy gaming with your iPhone. With the addition of the USB-C slot, it's easier than ever to enjoy excellent audio quality with your mobile device. Get yours now!

Don't forget that you can do the same with an iPad.

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