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Which Headset is Right for Switch? Nova 1 vs. Nova 3 vs. Nova 7

Have you been looking at gaming headsets but aren't sure which one to get?

The Nintendo Switch is a great platform for gaming, but if you're gaming on the go, you need a headset so you can hear what's going on in game without disturbing everyone around you. We have an option or two for that. In fact, we have three.

We've lined up some awesome Arctis Nova headset options for you: Arctis Nova 1, Arctis Nova 3, and Arctis Nova 7 Wireless. Let's check out how they compare in this handy table and then answer a few questions to help guide you to your dream gaming headset.

ModelArctis Nova 1Arctis Nova 3Arctis Nova 7 Wireless
Connection3.5mm CableUSB-CUSB-C Dongle
2.4GHz Wireless
Dual Wireless
RGB Lighting
USB-C Charging
Battery Life38 HR
15 Min Fast Charge6 HR
ClearCast Retractable Mic (Gen 2)
Speaker SystemNova Acoustic SystemNova Acoustic SystemNova Acoustic System
ComfortMAX System
Multi-System SupportPC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Mac, MobilePC, PlayStation, Switch, Mac, MobilePC, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile, Quest 2, Mac, Xbox (Nova 7X only)

So which one is right for you?

I want high audio quality and comfort.


Good news here — no matter which gaming headset you select, each one of them is a great choice. Our new generation of Nova gaming headsets all come with improved durability and the ComfortMax system, which offers multiple adjustment points to find that perfect fit for your noggin. Rotating earcups and a cushiony, stretchy headband lessen the weight around your head. And because they're lightweight, these headsets are ideal for travel and are comfortable while lounging about with your Switch.

Each Nova headset also features the Nova Acoustic System, an improved generation of speaker drivers for higher quality sound.

I'm looking for a budget option.

Nintendo best headset

You're in luck! Both the Arctis Nova 1 and the Arctis Nova 3 are among our most affordable options, but are packed with features including iconic Arctis audio quality, ComfortMAX, and a retractable mic.

I love the RGB!

RGB headset

You just love the lighting. RGB is like a gamer's signature. And with the Arctis Nova 3, you can stand out for under $100.

Nova 3 uniquely features customizable RGB to put a special touch on your headset. You can configure the RGB using the free SteelSeries GG software on PC (which you use to manage all your SteelSeries gear as well as update its firmware). Just configure the RGB on your PC, and the headset will remember the setting whenever you plug it in to your Nintendo Switch.

Why not stand out a little?

I need this to be wireless!

Switch wireless headset

Some people just prefer wireless while venturing forth with their Switch.

In that case, the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless is your solution. With a small USB-C wireless dongle, wireless connectivity has never been easier. You're connected via smooth, gaming-grade 2.4GHz for fast gaming responsiveness.

What's also cool about the Nova 7 Wireless is the simultaneous connection with Bluetooth. This means that while you're gaming on your Switch, (or your headset can also be connected to your phone via Bluetooth (or other device), you can talk on the phone, listen to music, or catch up on podcasts.

And we've upgraded the battery life on the Nova line, so expect up to 38 hours of use before needing to recharge and there's a fast charge function to bring you back into the action quickly.

Your Switch adventures await. Grab the Arctis Nova that's right for you and enjoy the games!

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