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Best Gaming Gear from FaZe Clan

Looking to win just like FaZe Clan? Show off your fandom and dedication with our new Faze Clan Limited Edition collection!

FaZe Clan has been dominating the gaming scene since 2010. Most recently, they've been trailblazing in the recently released Counter-Strike 2. SteelSeries partnered up with FaZe Clan create a special Limited Edition FaZe Clan collection themed in the team colors!

The collection includes the following, available via Best Buy:

Arctis Nova 7 Wireless FaZe Clan Edition

Arctis Nova 7 Wireless FaZe Clan

This special version of the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless comes painted in FaZe Clan colors, featuring red markings, the FaZe Clan logo on the speaker plates, and a special red band for cushioning. Nova 7 Wireless is one of our top headsets, and it's no wonder that FaZe Clan loves this one.

"The new FaZe Arctis Nova 7 is simply put one of the best headphones I have used in 15 years of professional gaming." - Paul "Snakebite" Duarte (Halo)

Featuring the stellar Nova Acoustic System with High Fidelity Drivers for superior audio quality, hear all the details you need, especially when coupling it with the Sonar audio presets for specific games and the 10-band Parametric EQ. Improve your comms with a completely retractable ClearCast Gen 2 microphone that reduces noise by up to 25dB (and more with the Sonar AI noise cancellation feature). With improved battery life, fast charging, Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connection (two devices can connect wirelessly at once!), Nova 7 Wireless is an amazing choice both for intense play and out on the go.

Aerox 3 Wireless FaZe Clan Edition

Aerox 3 Wireless FaZe Clan

Shine brightly with customizable RGB, which you can tune right to the FaZe Clan red. This Aerox 3 Wireless itself is painted in FaZe Clan themes, right over its holey design, purposefully made to be lightweight and easy to wield at just 68g.

Don't fret about the little stuff, since AquaBarrier™ technology protects it from water splashes, dust, dirt, and more. Outplay the competition with its battle-tested shape and pixel-perfect accuracy.

Apex 9 Mini FaZe Clan Edition

Apex 9 Mini

The speed of light is on your side, as this FaZe Clan-themed keyboard features custom-built OptiPoint optical switches for faster actuation and zero debounce. Rep your favorite team with a special space key, as well as red Enter and Escape keys. The durable Series 5000 aluminum top plate is also matching.

With Apex 9 Mini, dominate the competition with two variable actuation points: gaming-grade 1mm to more deliberate 1.5mm. Beat leading optical keyboards with 33% faster actuation, 0.2ms response time, and zero debounce. The fully swappable switches extend longevity of the keyboard and greatly improve customization options.

The Mini form factor lends to more desk space and better ergonomics of your setup, leaving space for mouse swipes, leaving you with keys that matter for the win.

QcK Heavy XXL FaZe Clan Edition

QcK Heavy XXL

Nothing like a proper desk setup for the ultimate FaZe Clan fan. Our mousepads are the best in the business; with millions of units sold, SteelSeries long ago has been established as the top gaming mousepad maker.

This particular QcK can cover your whole desk and the extra thick, non-slip proprietary surface eliminates unwanted movement and is optimized for both high and low CPI mouse tracking.

FaZe Clan Victories

FaZe Clan

In case you haven't been paying attention, FaZe Clan has been winning, son! We've rounded up a few of their recent victories in various games while using SteelSeries gear:

  • CS2: ThunderPick World Championship
  • CS2: IEM Sydney 2023
  • Halo: Halo World Champions
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Brazil League 2023, Stage 2

Rep these world champions with our Limited Edition FaZe Clan collection!

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