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First Ever Counter-Strike 2 Tournament: Legends vs Champions

SteelSeries is making history once again: we're organizing the first Counter-Strike 2 tournament! And it's not just any tournament, either.

We were there in 2013, when we sponsored the first CS:GO major, sponsoring the first winner, Fnatic. And we are here now, in 2023, with the first ever official Counter-Strike 2 tournament. It's a monumental event for the FPS that everyone is waiting for, and this is going to be a stream you can't miss.

There's really no better way to usher in a new era of Counter-Strike than by having the youngins vs. the veterans. And so, the champions of FaZe Clan will face off against storied legends of CS:GO to see whether the old guard holds up in a new game. Or does the newer blood adapt faster?

FaZe Clan will face Neo and Pasha from the Polish Golden Five, and also GuardiaN, but the rest is shrouded in mystery...

Check out the details of the SteelSeries Champions vs. Legends tournament and mark your calendar right now.

First CS2 Tournament Details!

Don't miss this event:

Date: July 8th, Saturday

Broadcast Start Time: 9 AM CST / 10 AM EST / 4 PM BST

Casters: Pimp & Vince Hill

Host: YouM3

The event will compose of an opener with Best of 1 matches in 9 rounds to warm up. Players will only use one weapon and a knife. The first knife kill will be awarded $500, so expect things to get spicy! Casters will also pick an MVP to award $500.

Then the Main Series will have Best of 5 matches, with a prize of $10,000. In between the matches, expect some special guests and interviews, until the final, deciding matches. After that, there will be interviews with the winners. Don't miss out on insights you can get to learn to be better at CS2 yourself.

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