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5 Things We Want in Counter Strike: Global Offensive 2

We have no idea what's in the bag for the sequel to one of the most popular FPS games on the planet, but let's brainstorm anyway.

First of all, just to be clear: no, we do not have any insider information regarding the next CS:GO! The CS:GO 2 release date is currently unknown, but hopefully, we'll know very soon. In the meantime, we can only speculate as to what Valve is cooking up for us. There is a lot that they can do without completely overhauling the gameplay itself, which is already top-notch. Instead, they will probably focus on polishing many things that contribute to the experience overall.

Here is our wishlist for CS:GO 2 features:

1. Updated Engine and Visuals

CS:GO 2 engine

Don't get us wrong, we think that CS:GO has aged quite well. You don't really need fancy graphics with this one, which is good because gamers around the world want to be able to run it on their machines. However, it has been quite long now, and it some visual upgrades would be welcome, with better shadows, lighting, textures, and so on.

Physics and game feel could improve, as well. Imagine even less latency and more responsiveness as you play. CS:GO 2 could always be more optimized. This alone could truly be a game-changer.

2. More Gameplay Modes

CS:GO gameplay modes

We'd love to see a bigger diversity of gameplay modes. While we already have nine game modes: Competitive, Casual, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, Wingman, Flying Scoutsman, Retakes and Danger Zone, we'd love to see a refresh on those or yet another new gaming mode.

This is a great opportunity for Valve to innovate on something and maybe even sweep Valorant fans. We could some more objective-based gameplay or something cooperative, too.

3. Improved Matchmaking and Anti-Cheats

CS GO anti-cheat software

Matchmaking in CS:GO can often be frustrating. Whether it's a team that just happens to be so much more skilled than you, smurfs, or something else (like your skill), playing CS:GO can be tough from the start. The sequel has the potential to improve on this aspect a lot, using more advanced matchmaking algorithms to optimally match players and better ranking systems to accurately sort skill brackets.

Cheaters present a problem as well. The current anti-cheat system is quite old and many players frequently find ways around it, which caused some of the CS:GO fans to switch to Valorant. Hopefully, the new systems reduce hacker incidents by a lot, so those who want to play CS:GO 2 will be able to do so without getting shot by shotguns through walls or sniped across the stage.

4. Enhanced Customization

CS GO Weapon skins

One can never have too many customization options. There is already a good amount of weapon customization in CS:GO, with many stickers and premium skins. But the ability to add custom, detailed skins and your own engravings to weapons could be really cool.

Valve could add novel ways of showing off your personal flair, and we can't wait to see it.

5. New Maps


Is it time to sweep up the good old Dust 2 map? Perhaps. While this classic will never die, it's time for a new favorite, we think. We'd love to see some brand new locations, maybe ones focused more on military bases or even something out in nature.

There is also prime opportunity to make maps with destructible environments and new passages that could be opened up with explosives. Maps are the lifeblood of CS:GO, and they could provide lots of opportunities for new tactics.

Looking to improve your skill at CS:GO? Consider getting better at CS:GO with 3D Aim Trainer for free! Otherwise, we'll keep hoping that CS:GO 2 will matchmake us with some lower-skilled players. Please, Valve.

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