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This Tekken 8 Eddy Bot is Terrorizing Netplay

Tekken's Eddy is known for his, well, simplicity, and perhaps this bot is proving the opinion as correct.

Some characters in Tekken 8 are a good deal more accessible than others. Eddy is infamous for his complex-looking Capoeira pressure, and yet... it doesn't feel like you need to press anything that complicated to pull off wins.

Tekken 8 streamer jimmashima decided to create a bot that plays Ranked Match mode in Tekken 8. And all it will ever do is press one button.

The bot literally just presses 3, over and over (left kick, aka X on PlayStation). That's it. The bot will never press anything else, will never block, use Heat Smash, Rage Art, or any other technique in Tekken 8.

And yet it can still get wins! The combo that Eddy does looks pretty complicated if you're not familiar with it; it includes lows, and a few of the attacks are really plus, so you really shouldn't press anything at that moment.

Occasionally, the bot will do pretty much two other moves: a low kick from getting up, into a WS 3 (a rising kick) and then it's back to the combo again. How conveninent that it will also accept matches every time with the same button!

Currently, the bot is hovering around the Vanquisher (orange) rank, which is not bad at all. It's pretty entertaining watching real players struggle against the bot, when we know what the plan is all along. The chat is quite hype about it, too.

Maybe you can be a streamer like this Eddy bot, except you can add your voice with our Alias gaming microphone, made for content creators. Hey, Tekken 8 is really fun, too, so enjoy that.

If you want to meme on this further, there's whole Google doc of Eddy copypasta in all kinds of languages.

And if you don't know how to deal with this attack string, someone posted a guide:

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