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Tekken 8 Tier List

Take a look at the meta of Tekken 8 with this tier list.

Tier lists are a somewhat-important reference to the overall power dynamics in the roster of a fighting game. While opinions will differ, there is some at-a-glance information to be gained from who is overall stronger and weaker than others.

Tekken 8 has quite a large cast, but there are definite outliers. Remember, not everyone will agree on specific placing of some characters.

Dexerto gathered the following Tekken 8 Tier List on their website, scroll below to see a list of each tier. Note that the characters are listed in alphabetical order and not with powers relative to each other.

Tekken 8 Tier List

Tekken 8 Tier List

S Tier: Azucena, Claudio, Dragunov, Eddy, Feng, Jun, King, Reina, Shaheen, Xiaoyu

Azucena, Claudio, and Dragunov dominate the list while being fairly straightforward to play. Azucena has received a slight nerf in a recent incremental patch, but it may not be enough. Newcomer DLC characer, Eddy, has been terrorizing netplay.

Reina, Shaheen, and Xiayou are on the harder side to pick up, so if you want someone easy and powerful pick someone else.

A Tier: Alisa, Devil Jin, Jack, Jin, Kazuya, Law, Leo, Lili, Nina, Paul, Victor, Yoshimitsu

A tier character are still quite strong. The harder-to-play ones include Devil Jin, Yoshimitsu, and Kazuya. The latter has some execution barriers to really get the most of his damage.

B Tier: Bryan, Hwoarang, Kuma, Lars, Raven, Steve, Zafina

In this tier, these characters have some drawbacks. Expect some buffs to them in the future. It's still possible to beat others, but it may be a good deal harder.

C Tier: Asuka, Leroy, Panda

It's a rather uphill battle. Sorry, Panda fans, I know she is so cute. But hang in there, as the game will get updates and the meta may shift in their favor as well.

Alternate Tekken 8 Tier List

For an alternate source, Atif posted his take. It's pretty much in-line with what we posted above, but with a bit more nuance.

Do you want a more data-driven breakdown? Over on Reddit, user NotQuiteFactual provides a detailed breakdown of the Tekken 8 metagame.

Want to learn more about each character? Check out our Tekken 8 Character Guide.

This information was gathered around the April 2024 patch 1.03.01. Minor patches can adjust characters but should there ever be a significant rework we will update the information. Overall, keep in mind that tiers are somewhat subjective and aren't the end-all answer.

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