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Starfield Exploit For Infinite Money

Don't want to delve into cheats, but don't care about making money in a dishonest way? You just have to find the right puddle. Trust us.

Looking to make easy money in Starfield quickly? There's a pretty funny exploit that content creator Jamie Moran found.

In the tweet, Moran goes to Akila City, located in the Cheyenne solar system. In front of a vendor called Shepherd's General Store, there lies a puddle. If you approach the puddle a certain way and look into it, you will be able to interact with what seems to be the vendor's chest.

This contains all their inventory, accessible to you, for free. Take as much as you want, go sell it, then wait 24-48 hours on a nearby chair. Refill, rinse, and repeat, as much as you like!

It seems that vendors hide their inventory chests below some textures, and this one just happened to be close enough to be interactable with the player.

We have no idea how long it's going to last before it gets patched, so visit the puddle in Starfield as soon as you can.

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