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Our Favorite SteelSeries Products

Here at SteelSeries, we all have our own personal favorite products that we use regularly. Here are the picks we can't live without.

What's your favorite SteelSeries product?

Kleon V. from Americas Marketing

Sensei Ten! The SteelSeries Xai was one of my first gaming mouse, so I love the continued mouse shape and the ergonomics. Dem side buttons.

David C. from Digital Merchandising

TBA, a very exciting new headset that is in the works right now...

Michael L. from Software

Rival 310 and Sensei 310, they were the first products I was a lead firmware dev for.

Lindsey R. from Esports & Influencers

Arctis Pro Wireless, I don't have to take my headset off when I go pee.

Allen A. from CX

Arctis 9/Arctis 1 Wireless. Can we have more than one? 'Cause functionality-wise, it's the Arctis 9 because of the audio quality, comfort, and chat mix capability, but I also love the Arctis 1 Wireless Cyberpunk Edition, because well, Cyberpunk.

Elijah P. from Customer Experience

Arctis 7X is my favorite product because of the compatibility.

Alex M. from Digital Engineering

Apex Pro. The switches on this keyboard feel absolutely amazing. I'm not exactly an "elite gamer" (I mostly play grand strategy or visual novels) so I don't have much of a use for this, but the fact that you can adjust the actuation on individual keys is the most extra feature I've ever seen on a keyboard.

Bri A. from Marketing

Aerox 3 Wired

Mark J. from Business Development

Apex Pro TKL, it just feels sooo good!

Brandon W. from Customer Experience

Rival 500

Dean K. from Marketing

Apex Pro TKL. I've been a SteelSeries fan for a very long time, I still own a pair of Siberia v3s, but my favourite product to date is the Apex Pro TKL. The OmniPoint switch and smaller form factor makes it perfect for competitve gaming, especially for someone like me in their mid-late 30s. Being able to adjust the actuation gives the gamer a real edge, even if your reaction times have dulled with old age. I'm looking forward to smaller form factor keyboards, and more customisation options, as I beleive this is what a lot of our fans are looking for.

Ellie Q. from Software Engineering

TBA, a top secret new product 👀

Melissa T. from Americas

Rival 3, I swear it was designed specifically for my hand because it just feels so good! (Plus I like the glowy bits!)

Timmy S. from Digital Engineering

Apex 7. Even though I love the Arctis Pro Wireless headset, I'm really into mechanical keyboards, and I'd have to say my Apex 7 with blue switches is my absolute favorite. The click. The clack. The meta layer that lets me bind arrow keys to IJKL while I'm holding Caps Lock---it's just so sweet being able to move around my programming IDE without having to take my hands off the home row of the keyboard. And such a nice feeling and beautiful keyboard it is. It even competes with my very expensive other branded 60% keyboard. Imagine if SteelSeries came out with an illuminated 60% board...

Atticus from Strategy

Sensei RAW Rubberized, the perfect mouse shape, size, and feel!

Megan T. from Marketing

Arctis 7 (and now the 7X and 7P). It has been my bread and butter trusted wireless headset for years, and I can't imagine ever going back to wired.

Paul M. from Marketing

Arctis Pro Wireless...premium sound, mic and versatility for gaming and work make me wonder why I didn't have this headset in my life sooner.

John D. from Digital Engineering

Apex Pro TKL - I absolutely LOVE the feel of the OmniPoint switches. Gives me ASMR every time I type with it. Now if only we had a 60% version of that board...hmmm...

Suki C. from Marketing

Apex Pro. I like its exclusive omnipoint adjustable switch that outstanding our keyboard among our competitors.

Angela H. from Creative/Marketing

Arctis Pro Wireless all the way. Nothing beats the smooth transitions it is capable of like going from headset to speakers or swapping batteries.

Thomas N. - EMEA Sales/Marketing

Coming soon/TBA. I really have a sweetspot for the old Diablo Headset. The design was just spot on for the game. And building it of one of the most legendary heasdsets was just perfect. And then a new wireless comfort/performance product coming soon...

Kaj W. from Business Intelligence

Apex Pro. Fully customizable and nice palmrest.

Rasmus P. from Esports & Influencers

[Redacted] is a superb upcoming mouse, with a perfect shape, and then of course the Arctis Pro Wireless. Once you try the swapable battery system you never want anything else.

Brad H. from Amazon EMEA

Arctis Pro Wireless. So good for using at work all day and then go on to use it for gaming is just awesome, the sound quality is next level. Super comfortable too.

Michael D. from Sales & Marketing DACH

(coming soon) [Redacted] Mouse

Mike K. from Talent Acquisition

Arctis Pro Wireless. I use it for work, gaming, and it has replaced my AKG headphones for electronic drumming because the sound quality is amazing. I also love the hot swappable battery so I never have to plug it in to anything and it just works.

Karin A. from STNA

[Arctis 3](( 7 headsets, from sound quality to comfort, they cannot be beat!

Jon K. from Global Marketing

Apex Pro TKL. OmniPoint switches are like butter, and throwing a spicy GIF on the OLED screen is chef's kiss.

Jim M. from Peripheral Products Engineering

Arctis Pro Wireless. No audio product in the market currently can beat it! Of course, our new [redacted] will when it launches in [redacted].

Ryder M. from Customer Experience

Arctis Pro Wireless. I never realized how good the freedom of no wires felt, I cannot use any wired headset for anything anymore.

Enrique G. from R&D

(coming soon) [Redacted] Mouse. I'm loving the [redacted] mouse. It feels like the just right weight, feels amazing and it's incredibly fast when I'm panic shooting in Warzone.

Craig O. from Mobile

Nimbus+ and Arctis Pro Wireless, it's a tie.

Tim A. from E&I

Siberia. Let's be real, the Siberia was the OG gaming headset, and it's had no true equal since. Very excited for [redacted] when [redacted] is released. Reckon that's the first time we'll see a real contender for the throne. Also, the full sized desktop mousepads that (coincidentally?) fit IKEA desks to the millimeter. I never knew how much I needed one till I tried it.

Johnny A. from SEO

Nimbus+. It makes me feel like a gamer without actually being a gamer, LOL. The birth of gaming apps was the death of console gaming for me, but with the release of Apple Arcade for tvOS, the Nimbus+ allows me to pick up the sticks again in between surfing streaming apps on my Apple TV.

Brittany W. from the Mod Squad

Apex 7!

Ken B. from the Mod Squad

Arctis Pro Wireless because 1.) no cord 2.) amazing sound 3.) battery swap!

XxCrystalline from the Mod Squad

Arctis Pro Wireless. The connection is crisp and clear but also the chatmix and surround sound were things I thought I was fine without until I had them all at my disposal to use.

Rob K. from the Mod Squad

Arctis Pro Wireless. Walking around my house in Zoom or Discord calls is a beautiful thing.

Brandon L. from the Mod Squad

Rival 650 because of its versatility as a wired/wireless mouse with weight adjustments. i started out with red dragon mice and thought they were amazing, then i upgraded to the 650 and realized how wrong i was (nothing against them tho lol). the variable weight allows you to make the mouse custom to what you need and then the rgb is just the cherry on top, especially when you branch out into other steelseries peripherals. as a runner up, does the SS gfuel shaker count? :)

Ayrton T. from the Mod Squad

Arctis Pro Wireless headset! The swappable batteries & amazing sound are the huge highlights for me.

Adam N. from the Mod Squad

QcK Heavy - I have undoubtedly never used a better mousepad. The fact that its thick makes a huge difference in comfort and I would never switch back.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what we like, and maybe helps you make a decision of your own.

Find us on the official SteelSeries Discord server, and let us know what your favorite products are!