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How to Play Valorant's New Agent, Killjoy

Killjoy is finally available in Valorant; here's what you need to know to master her unique kit.

When is Killjoy released?

You're in luck! Killjoy is now in the game as of Episode 1, Act 2, which released on August 4th.

Who is Killjoy?

Valorant Agent Killjoy using a laptop

Killjoy is a robot building, tech tinkering German genius. The newest addition to the Agent roster for Valorant has an ability lineup that at first glance can be extremely intimidating to wrap your head around.

Killjoy abilities

Lets take a look at what she can do and how she will be a major support Agent for Act II and the future of Valorant!


Alarmbot is the first and major part of Killjoy's area of denial kit.

Alarmbot allows you to deploy a bot that will hide and seek enemy players who step into its field of view (similar to Raze and her Boombot). The Alarmbot will notify Killjoy of an enemy encounter and upon its detonation will leave the enemy player affected with a double damage vulnerability. Any and all damage dealt to that player will be a massive deterrent for rushes and can give your team an easy frag to secure.

Alarmbot can be recalled and redeployed, so remember your economy and scoop up your unused Alarmbots before the end of the round.


Next on Killjoy's area-of-denial kit is her Turret. This little guy can scan for 180 degrees (half circle) and will shoot any detected players in a 3 round burst (for 6-8 damage per bullet).

Combined with Alarmbot, her Turret can do a great job of holding an area or thrashing enemy players coming into a key area or choke point. Tricky Turret placements and support for Killjoy players will make some sites easy to hold and lockdown for defense.

Cypher traps and Killjoy Turrets will be obvious combinations that will have a high success rate for securing rounds.


Killjoy's Nanoswarm is an invisible and lethal grenade that upon explosion will lock down an area for 5 seconds of continuous AOE damage. Any enemy players caught in the Nanoswarm will drain health until they are dead, unlike Vipers gas which will only take health to 1 HP.

This lethal swarm makes Nanoswarm an excellent anti-defuse or anti-rush grenade that can tick multiple players' health quickly.

Nanoswarm combined with Sages slow orb can be an extremely lethal combination, and a very easy ability stack to create since Sage is a mandatory pick for most team compositions.

Killjoy's Ultimate: Lockdown

Killjoys ultimate ability, Lockdown, gives a movement debuff on all enemy players trapped inside of it for 8 seconds. It gives off a pulsating energy wave that will count down its detonation. Any enemies caught in the blast wave will have their weapon unequipped and will be slowed (similar to a Sage slow orb) for 8 seconds.

This allows teammates to sweep up frags and wipe out enemies who played terrible positioning choices.

With Lockdown, the wind up and detonation time is so long you’ll need to think about where its going to go way in advance to have the maximum effect.

Placing it on top of boxes that require aggressive angles or movement abilities/boosts is great only if you have that kind of time to do so. Coordination of teammates placement and abilities is key to having a Lockdown that has a positive impact for your team.

Advanced Killjoy tips and tricks

Killjoy on a laptop surround by her robots

  • Use Alarmbot on shallow corners for rushes, flanks or counter rotations.
  • Use Alarmbot under the spike post plant so you can jiggle peek defusing players for an easy kill.
  • Use Nanoswarm on areas of map that are clear chokepoints during enemy rush attempts. Think about Lower A/Sewer for Haven or A Main for Split.
  • Use Turret with a Sage Icewall to hold B site in Split. You can put the Turret on the boxes for B main, or boost with it behind the wood wall in B site or with the Sage player to hold a high angle crossfire.

I hope this helps you get started in your mastery of Agent Killjoy. Have fun!

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