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Valorant: Reyna Tips and Tricks

Here are some updated tips for Valorant's new Agent Reyna, as well as some more advanced plays to try out with her!

Reyna is the 11th agent and second healer-type character on the Valorant roster. She has a darker personality and the ability set to contrast the bright and life-bringing qualities of Sage.

It is pretty clear Reyna is an agent who is closer to the destructive qualities of Radinite like Omen and will use her strengths in dealing with death to keep her alive.

Is Reyna easy to use?

In Valorant, Reyna is usually regarded as the most approachable agent to master due to her straightforward mechanics and versatile skillset. Reyna is often considered the easiest Valorant agent to learn, period. Her playstyle differs from other damage-focused agents as her abilities, including a signature ability and ultimate ability, are designed to be intuitive and efficient without demanding exceptional mechanical prowess.

Reyna's Leer possesses an unlimited range, enabling you to blind adversaries within your field of vision. This strategic advantage empowers you to catch opponents off-guard, inflicting damage and self-healing independently. The Soul Orb at your disposal becomes a crucial lifeline during confrontations, contributing to your survival in combat.

Reyna is occasionally viewed as overpowered, earning her a frequent place in the esteemed S-tier category. Her challenging gameplay can pose a formidable obstacle for opponents, affording you an additional edge over your enemies. Opting for Reyna as your agent can be a strategic choice for climbing the competitive ladder, particularly beneficial even if you lack a consistent team to queue up alongside.

What are Reyna's 4 abilities?

  1. Leer
  2. Devour
  3. Dismiss
  4. Empress

1. Leer

Reyna has an orb “flash” type ability that allows enemy players inside of its radius to be blinded only able to see its orb location. It can travel through walls (like Omen) for a short distance, giving you the ability to set it into a larger room you want to take for position.

This requires the enemy team to shoot and destroy it before being able to engage any enemies. Its cost per use is 200 Credits and you can hold two at a time.

How to use Leer

When using Leer, the most important thing to think about is what is directly behind the wall you want to flash. Is it a large open room, critical choke point or bombsite that you want to clear?

Because Valorant has very claustrophobic room and choke point settings, the area where Leer will go should be calculated for maximum effectiveness for blinding players but also difficulty for destroying it.

Leer is mainly used to engage enemies who are bunkered into positions that require you to disrupt timing. If they are defending a bomb site and need specific timing to be effective, you should think about combining Leer with another entry heavy character like Breach to stack abilities to keep them off balance. Leer lasts for 3 seconds.

2. Devour

Devour is the first of two shared abilities Reyna has that boosts her combat effectiveness.

Q allows Reyna to self-heal powered by the souls of the dead enemy team in her area for 3 seconds of health gain. She can instantly consume their souls to heal within 4 seconds of their bodies collapsing to the floor, granting 100% of her life back.

The more souls you consume the faster your healing goes so a clutch double kill can bring you back from being critically low on health to get you back into an aggressive fragging role. There is an “overhealing” factor which we will explore later.

How to use Devour

When using Devour, there is an animation played during which you cannot shoot when casting. This allows Reyna to consume a soul to heal herself rapidly. Since she shares charges with Dismiss, she can consume 4 souls.

Devour's cost per use is 100 Credits.

3. Dismiss

Dismiss is the second ability Reyna has that deals with the souls of the dead. With her E, she can grant herself invincibility for 4 seconds to reposition and re-engage enemies. There is an animation and countdown associated with this ability, but the invincibility lasts through it and long enough for her to move into a different position and start firing.

With this ability, Reyna is able to move through molotovs and venom without taking damage to get a new angle for targeting enemies. While this can be a bit strong at first glance, the inability to fire and how short it lasts will surely be looked at closely by Riot to see where it is weak and where it is strong for players.

How to use Dismiss

What does Reyna's Q and E do?

Combining E and Q will allow Reyna to consume souls and use them to maximize her combat effectiveness during gunfights. If she is low, she can heal at will or move to a better position to counter enemy engagements, pushes or utility. This is a critical part of becoming a successful Reyna player and fragging hard for your teams' success.

4. Empress

Reyna has probably the strongest ultimate in the agent pool (aside from Sage and Raze) with Empress.

She gains a combat stim for her weapons (reload, shooting, and equipment boost) and is granted a healing factor upon killing enemies.

Once the healing factor goes above 100hp, she will generate 50 extra health (with no damage mitigation). This lasts for 30 seconds without kills but will restart the timer upon an enemy kill.

While C remains unchanged, her E and Q abilities have no cooldown and she will go invisible and invincible for 4 seconds when using a soul with E. This allows her to engage enemies from a variety of angles and to disrupt enemy players who are playing hard-cover positions.

How to use Empress

When stacking Empress with other ultimates from characters like Brimstone or Breach, Reyna is a strong agent with the highest kill potential on par with Raze or Breach.

She is not only healing herself on command, but she has a very low-risk factor when playing her on any level. Most team compositions will have her replacing Phoenix or Breach because of her utility and frag potential.

How do you play Reyna aggressively?

Playing Valorant Reyna aggressively involves leveraging her potent abilities and skillset to dominate the battlefield. To adopt an aggressive playstyle as Reyna:

  1. Initiation and Positioning: Seize aggressive angles on the map that catch opponents off-guard. Position yourself where you have the advantage of surprise, enabling you to initiate combat on your terms.
  2. Leer Usage: Utilize Reyna's Leer ability strategically to blind enemies within your field of vision. This creates openings for you to push forward confidently or reposition without being detected.
  3. Ultimate Empress: Activate Reyna's ultimate ability, Empress, to enhance your combat capabilities. The increased fire rate and improved abilities empower you to take on opponents more aggressively and decisively.
  4. Devour for Sustain: After securing a kill, use Reyna's Devour ability to consume the Soul Orb dropped by your defeated opponent. This replenishes your health, allowing you to remain in the fray for longer periods.
  5. Dismiss for Mobility: Reyna's Dismiss ability offers swift mobility. Employ it to escape unfavorable engagements quickly or to relocate to a more advantageous position for surprise attacks.
  6. Solo Engagements: Reyna's self-sustaining abilities make her well-suited for one-on-one encounters. Engage in single combat confidently, relying on your ability to blind, heal, and reposition.
  7. Quick Decision-Making: Aggressive play demands quick decision-making. Evaluate the situation, identify vulnerable enemies, and act decisively to catch them off-guard.
  8. Resource Management: Efficiently use the Soul Orbs dropped by defeated foes. These orbs fuel your abilities, providing an edge in aggressive engagements.
  9. Mindful Ultimate Usage: Timing is crucial when activating Empress. Engage when you're positioned well and anticipate an imminent clash, maximizing the advantage it offers.
  10. Map Awareness: Understand the map layout and potential enemy positions. This knowledge enables you to predict opponent movements and exploit aggressive opportunities.

Remember, while Reyna's kit supports aggressive gameplay, maintaining a balance between aggression and caution is essential for consistent success. Adapt your playstyle based on the evolving dynamics of each match, always capitalizing on Reyna's unique abilities to maintain an upper hand over your opponents.

Advanced Reyna Tips and Tricks

  • Using Leer on the ground instead of eye level

  • Using Devour to reposition alternate corners

  • Using Empress to push hard on defense

I hope these tips help you improve your Reyna plays. Good luck out there!


Is Reyna hard to learn?

Although Reyna boasts a relatively smooth learning curve, she is often considered one of Valorant's more challenging Agents to master. The reason lies in the significant impact a Reyna player's individual performance has on the team's success. Passive play is not an option for Reyna; instead, a proactive approach is necessary, particularly during attacks.

It's imperative to achieve high damage output and kill counts consistently. Failure to accumulate eliminations prevents Reyna from fully capitalizing on her Signature Abilities.

Reyna's suitability aligns with players who possess strong FPS fundamentals, exceptional aim, and consistently lead their teams in eliminations. Her kit is streamlined and efficient, with Soul Orb enhancements offering added resilience during assertive advances.

Incorporating Reyna effectively requires understanding the nuances of her abilities, such as her signature and ultimate abilities. These skills necessitate an adept grasp of initiating engagements from aggressive angles and unexpected positions. The ability to excel in single combat situations is paramount, as Reyna relies on her abilities to secure killing blows and maximize her potential.

While Reyna enjoys infinite charges for her Basic abilities, her strength comes from consistently delivering killing shots. A confident player, experienced in combat movement and tactical ability usage, will extract the most value from her aggressive playstyle. Quick decision-making and adapting to dangerous situations are pivotal in maximizing her potential.

Is Reyna good in competitive Valorant?

Reyna's performance in competitive Valorant raises questions, as indicated by her 9.3% pick rate across all competitive matches. Her presence doesn't excel in any distinct category, presenting a unique challenge.

Despite the psychological turmoil her aggressive, duel-centric playstyle can inflict on opponents, Reyna's effectiveness in competitive settings is somewhat lacking. Recent trends reveal that professional teams have been reluctant to incorporate Reyna into their compositions, showcasing her limited popularity among top-tier players.

Why do pros not use Reyna?

Reyna, despite being a versatile and capable playable character in Valorant, faces a lack of popularity among professional players. The primary reason for this lies in her adaptability, which paradoxically makes her less favorable for specialized roles crucial in pro play. While Reyna is proficient at handling various aspects of the game, she doesn't excel in specific categories like support, initiation, or map manipulation. This dilemma places her at a disadvantage regarding the meticulous selection process for competitive Valorant teams.

Professional players often prioritize agents with well-defined roles specializing in support, initiation, or strategic map control. The nature of pro play demands precise execution of specific strategies, and agents like Reyna, who are better suited for adapting to various situations, might not fit seamlessly into these strategies. Therefore, when building pro teams, Reyna tends to be overshadowed by agents who offer more targeted and reliable capabilities in line with professional gameplay requirements.

Does Reyna have a signature ability?

Certainly, Reyna does possess a signature ability known as Dismiss. This unique skill allows Reyna to transform into an ethereal state, rendering her impervious to damage and augmenting her movement speed simultaneously. However, this ability comes with a limitation: during this 2-second duration, Reyna cannot utilize any of her aforementioned abilities or draw her weapon.

This distinctive characteristic of Reyna's character design showcases her dynamic gameplay, offering advantages and constraints that players must carefully consider when incorporating Dismiss into their strategies.

Why do so many people play Reyna?

Many players are drawn to Reyna due to the unique aspects of her kit that enable her to excel in aggressive gunfights, a capability unmatched by other agents in Valorant. The crux of Reyna's appeal lies in her ability to tackle confrontations that would make any other agent falter instantly, often evading potential trades. Reyna's distinctiveness becomes apparent in scenarios where she's the only agent capable of confidently flashing out, adopting aggressive angles, securing a kill, utilizing her flash again, and retreating all the way back to safety.

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