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Valorant: Reyna Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips for Valorant's new Agent Reyna, as well as some more advanced plays to try out with her!

Reyna is the 11th agent and second healer type character on the Valorant roster. She has a darker personality and ability set to contrast the bright and life bringing qualities of Sage.

It is pretty clear Reyna is an agent who is closer to the destructive qualities of Radinite like Omen and will use her strengths in dealing death to keep her alive.


Reyna has an orb “flash” type ability that allows enemy players inside of its radius to be blinded only able to see its orb location. It can travel through walls (like Omen) for a short distance, giving you the ability to set it into a larger room you want to take for position.

This requires the enemy team to shoot and destroy it before being able to engage any enemies. It’s cost per use is 200 Credits and you can hold two at a time.

How to use Leer

When using Leer, the most important thing to think about is what is directly behind the wall you want to flash. Is it a large open room, critical choke point or bombsite that you want to clear?

Because Valorant has very claustrophobic room and choke point settings, the area where Leer will go should be calculated for maximum effectiveness for blinding players but also difficulty for destroying it.

Leer is mainly used to engage enemies who are bunkered into positions that require you to disrupt timing. If they are defending a bomb site and need specific timing to be effective, you should think about combining Leer with another entry heavy character like Breach to stack abilities to keep them off balance. Leer lasts for 3 seconds.


Devour is the first of two shared abilities Reyna has that boosts her combat effectiveness.

Q allows Reyna to self heal powered by the souls of the dead enemy team in her area for 3 seconds of health gain. She can instantly consume their souls to heal within 4 seconds of their bodies collapsing to the floor, granting 100% of her life back.

The more souls you consume the faster your healing goes so a clutch double kill can bring you back from being critically low on health to get you back into an aggressive fragging role. There is an “overhealing” factor which we will explore later.

How to use Devour

When using Devour, there is an animation played during which you cannot shoot when casting. This allows Reyna to consume a soul to heal herself rapidly. Since she shares charges with Dismiss, she can consume 4 souls.

Devour's cost per use is 100 Credits.


Dismiss is the second ability Reyna has that deals with the souls of the dead. WIth her E, she can grant herself invincibility for 4 seconds to reposition and re engage enemies. There is an animation and countdown associated with this ability, but the invincibility lasts through it and long enough for her to move into a different position and start firing.

With this ability, Reyna is able to move through molotovs and venom without taking damage to get a new angle for targeting enemies. While this can be a bit strong at first glance, the inability to fire and how short it lasts will surely be looked at closely by Riot to see where it is weak and where it is strong for players.

How to use Dismiss

Combining E and Q will allow Reyna to consume souls and use to maximize her combat effectiveness during gunfights. If she is low, she can heal at will or move to a better position to counter enemy engagements, pushes or utility. This is a critical part of becoming a successful Reyna player and fragging hard for your teams success.


Reyna has probably the strongest ultimate in the agent pool (aside from Sage and Raze) with Empress.

She gains a combat stim for her weapons (reload, shooting and equipment boost) and is granted a healing factor upon killing enemies.

Once the healing factor goes above 100hp, she will generate 50 extra health (with no damage mitigation). This lasts for 30 seconds without kills but will restart the timer upon an enemy kill.

While C remains unchanged, her E and Q abilities have no cool down and she will go invisible and invincible for 4 seconds when using a soul with E. This allows her to engage enemies from a variety of angles and to disrupt enemy players who are playing hard cover positions.

How to use Empress

When stacking Empress with other ultimates from characters like Brimstone or Breach, Reyna is a strong agent with the highest kill potential on par with Raze or Breach.

She is not only healing herself on command, but she has a very low risk factor when playing her on any level. Most team compositions will have her replacing Phoenix or Breach because of her utility and frag potential.

Advanced Reyna Tips and Tricks

  • Using Leer on the ground instead of eye level

  • Using Devour to reposition alternate corners

  • Using Empress to push hard on defense

I hope these tips help you improve your Reyna plays. Good luck out there!

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