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Hell Let Loose Tips and Tricks

Hell Let Loose isn't an easy game, so we've prepared a number of tips for you to get acquainted with this hardcore World War II FPS.

Relive some of the most iconic battles in history with Hell Let Loose, a realistic, tough-as-nails war simulator which puts you right in the shoes of a footsoldier. The epic theatre of war features 50 vs 50 player battles on large scale, with players able to take on certain roles, from various support ones to even a Commander who makes tactical decisions. Control vehicles and fight on evolving battlefields where tactics matter more than KDAs.

Hell Let Loose can be challenging, and with that, we've created a list of tips & tricks as well as some advanced hints to guide you through the battlefield.

Hell Let Loose Tips & Tricks

Hell Let Loose

1. Study up the map before going in

The Field Manual is an essential overview of the battlefield before you start. Then while in the map, study your surroundings using the Binoculars. Use them by pressing and holding the middle mouse button, which brings up the Command Wheel by default; then rotate the mouse to select and place marks.

2. Teamplay is huge

Hell Let Loose has proximity chat, and in general, you should approach the game with a spirit of cooperation. Hopefully (unless you're with people you know) you will get matched with people who also want to work together. Going solo just isn't practical in this game.

3. This it not a highly mobile game

Unlike your typical Call of Duty or Battlefield, you're not running in fast or crazy trying to get the most kills or a surprise jump-in on your enemy. You want to find cover as soon as you can, poke at the enemy if you know where they are, and otherwise scout them out. It's not running and gunning.

One unusual tip for cover: if you're running through mostly an open field but there's a bush or some other kind of object, position yourself so that you're running from behind it. You can also get to a bush and crouch in it to scout a bit. You can press E or Q to lean out from corners, too.

If you do get to a vehicle such as a tank, press F to enter it, then use the function keys to adjust your position. F1 puts you in the driver seat, while F2 in the gunner's. F3 is for the spotter, who is a lookout for the tank. As a spotter, ping with the middle mouse button, and also tell them where to look (which direction, which compass number).

4. Stick together with your unit

Really need to emphasize sticking together and teamplay; having a few soldiers with you who help fulfill objectives is essential. A medic can save you and revive you, especially when there is no spawn beacon nearby. Also, being around the medic lowers the suppression effect of incoming enemy rounds.

If you're the Squad Leader, you can give orders with C (just to your squadmates) and press X to communicate with other officers. Especially valuable for intel such as:

  • Current mission for your squad (attack or defense)
  • Enemy tanks, spawns, or infantry movements
  • Request commander abilities or artillery if manned

Hell Let Loose

5. Change where you peek from

When using cover, don't just crouch down then stand up to fire more shots. The enemy is most likely "pre-aiming" and watching the same spot where you emerged from. Change it up and move somewhere else before re-emerging. Catch them off guard and gun them down before they react. But avoid being predictable by peeking out from the same spot in your cover.

6. Sound is extremely important (footsteps!)

Good sound is absolutely key to doing well in this game. You are able to hear footsteps of approaching enemies if you pay attention. SteelSeries Sonar is fantastic for this. Achieve total control over the sound of your game with a 10-band Equalizer — you can adjust every aspect of sound right to your liking and highlight those critical details. Don't underestimate how sound can help you out, especially on a battlefield like this.

7. Staying still can pay off

We are trained to detect movement and change with our eyes. Staying still can be a form of camouflage, as in Hell Let Loose the landscapes are vast. A player who is standing still is much less likely to be noticed. Consider at least not "twitching" constantly or moving around a lot, especially when sticking out for some scouting. Other players may try the same trick so keep your eyes sharp.

8. Capture objectives

Chevrons shown above and beside a Strong Point are indicators of how quickly they can be captured. The speed depends on whether you're playing in Warfare or Offensive modes. Warfare is a tug of war between which each side struggles to maintain objectives, while in Offensive one side is defensive against the other. Offensive game modes have sectors, which are only active at certain points, and those are the ones that you need to capture.

9. Listen to the Commander

The Commander can determine where Garrisons and outposts are built and increase resource generation, particularly good when there are support roles like Engineers contributing. The Commander speaks to squad leaders, who then can talk to you. They also have a ton of commands on which they can spend resource points, so make sure to contribute to that as much as you can.

As a Commander, you can still be active and help the team by building garrisons with supply drops, or use an artillery gun, or drive a supply truck, or defend an objective.

10. Get to know the roles and stick to one for a bit

Hell Let Loose roles classes

Initially, switch around the roles a lot might make it harder to learn the game. Try to pick one and stick with it for some time, as they perform entirely different functions on the battlefield.

To find some players, join the Hell Let Loose Discord! You can also find communities through YouTube and social media.

Hell Let Loose Player Count

Wondering about how many people are playing Hell Let Loose? You can check out the player count on Steam Charts.

Hell Let Loose Crossplay

Hell Let Loose is on PC and consoles, both Xbox and PlayStation. There is no crossplay between PC and consoles. However, you can crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation (PS5 and Xbox Series X recommended). You need to enable this option in Hell Let Loose settings for it to work.

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