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Golf with Your Friends (and Beat Them)

Get the upper hand on your friends and frenemies with our awesome tips for this party multiplayer game!

Golf with Your Friends is a lovely multiplayer game in which you can enjoy some simultaneous golfing with others. You know you want to win though... Get prepped with our 10 tips and then steamroll them!

1. Utilize power-ups and collision at the correct times!

When enabled, powerups can be key in hindering your pals progress. Is everybody lined up for a precise jump, or trying to evade an obstacle? Try changing their ball shape, or lay down honey to stop them.

  • Honey Trap — lays five blobs of honey in a line behind the ball. Anyone who rolls through them gets drastically slowed down, like a sandtrap. If used while stationary, it drops one large blob instead. The user is not affected by their own honey on the same turn as they drop it, but will be afterwards.
  • Double Jump — Launches the ball upwards and forwards in the direction the player is looking. Can be used twice every time it is picked up, but always goes away when the player stops moving or finishes the hole if the first jump has been used.
  • Snap Freeze — Freezes the player in place on first activation, then launches them horizontally in the direction they are looking on the second activation. The player will even stop midair and cannot be pushed by course hazards or other players while frozen.
  • Randomizer —Changes the shape of every other player in the match to a random one from the game's selection of shapes. After they take another shot, they transform back to normal. It can pick from: Egg, Cube, Cylinder, Cone, Icosphere, Puck, Star, Bauble, Acorn

If collision is enabled, it may be more beneficial to sabotage an opponent, rather than shoot for the hole yourself!

2. Timing is key

Time your strokes and adjust your angles in order to avoid any obstacles that might smash you out of the way, or squash and reset your ball.

3. Use Free-Cam

Golf with your friends

Survey your surroundings with free-cam to analyse the best angle to shoot your shot, see where the hole is located, and take note of any obstacles in your way.

4. Portals

Using portals in courses such as ‘Space’ can put you ahead of your pals — if you can time your shot exactly right and work out where they lead (some are tricks), you’ll get the upper hand and land ahead of everyone else!

5. Conveyors

Golf with Your Friends

Making good use of conveyors is key in landing you in the optimal position for your next shot. You can use them to adjust your angle mid-shot, or even launch you over obstacles.

6. Jump and bounce

While cruising the waterways in any courses that have water, you’ll be able to jump and bounce. Make sure to use this option if needed for the optimal shot.

7. Jetpacks

Golf with Your Friends

Jetpacks can be incredibly useful when used correctly, and you’ll be able to cover large distances (getting you closer to the hole!). Angle your shot and watch your fuel level to power past your pals.

8. Practice!

Try practicing problem holes or tricky courses on your own. You can use custom settings or game modes like “Explore” to give yourself unlimited shots, time to complete the hole and instant resets if you mess up a shot. Try different shots in a safe environment before unleashing them against friends or for the par achievements.

9. Keep an eye on shot power!

Golf with your friends

A lot of strokes are lost by players giving them a little too much, or not enough juice when near a hole. Keep an eye on the power bar, and get the feel for the power you need to use for different situations.

10. Copy your friends!

If you are playing with friends and it’s not clear what shot to take, let them go first and see what to do, or what to avoid!

Golf with Your Friends Steam

Looking to pick up Golf with Your Friends on Steam? The game is frequently discounted! It works with up to 12 people.

Currently, Golf with Your Friends does not feature cross platform play.

You can also snag the Corrupted Forest map, which is challenging, but worth it. Only one person in a group needs to own it for everyone else to play it together.

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Golf with Your Friends free

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