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Hell Let Loose Roles Guide

Hell Let Loose is all about teamwork, so it's time to pull your weight! Learn what every role does on the battlefield and get better with it thanks to our handy tips.

SteelSeries partnered up with Hell Let Loose to bring you a comprehensive roles guide! For a more basic overview, refer to our Hell Let Loose tips & tricks article.

Hell Let Loose brings you World War II on an epic scale. Get ready to fight across fields, bridges, forests, towns and more. This realistic multiplayer first-person shooter demands teamwork, communication, and strategy, not only to win but to survive! A good squad can make or break a match in Hell Let Loose, so we’ve put together a few top tips for each of the roles, so you can be an asset to your unit!

There are 14 different roles to choose from on the battlefield, offering you unique experiences depending on your preferred playstyle.

Hell Let Loose Roles

CommanderDirect the efforts of the team by communicating objectives to unit leaders. High-priority tasks are garrison construction and resource management.
Officer (Squad Leader)The point of contact for everyone in your unit — serve as a source of leadership and strategy, while working alongside your Commander and fellow Officers to determine team objectives as the frontline shifts.
RiflemanPush enemy lines from the front and provide covering fire for Assault roles.
AssaultLead the charge on the frontline. Strongpoints, trenches, buildings, and hedgerows, all are fair game for you.
Machine GunnerProvide heavy suppression on enemy units and positions — with a high rate of fire and a large ammo count, you can hold down a field of fire from a fixed position while your unit pushes forward.
Automatic RiflemanBeing both mobile and hard-hitting you’ll be able to attain fire superiority in a skirmish to allow your unit to advance on the enemy and secure the objective.
Anti-TankPrimary goal is the elimination of enemy armor — you’re the infantry role that keeps tankers up at night!
MedicYou are in the unique position of being able to revive wounded allies, helping to get your teammates back out onto the battlefield at pivotal moments.
EngineerHold key tactical areas for your team — strongpoints, chokepoints, trench systems and urban areas are where you’ll shine.
SupportYou are the fuel that feeds your team’s strategy, providing them with the means to deploy game-changing spawn points, heavy weaponry, and fortifications.
SniperEliminate enemy infantry by taking out important targets such as the enemy Commander, Officers and Machine Gunners, as well as Garrisons and Outposts.
SpotterOn half of a whole, you’ll need to work with your Sniper, giving them intel on enemy movements to maximize their efficiency in battle.
Tank CommanderLead your tank crew consisting of yourself and two crewmen — you have the best visibility to spot the enemy, plan and strategize your attack.
CrewmanYou will find yourself either driving a tank or taking control of its armaments.

These roles are broken down into 4 areas — Command, Infantry, Recon and Armor. Check out tips on every one of them below, with the most on the Commander role.

Hell Let Loose Role Tips


Commander Hell Let Loose


Your abilities are activated from the tactical map. They include a manpower, munitions, or fuel cost. Don't just stay back and bark out orders, though. You can be quite active on the battlefield.

You can do things such as Dismantle Garrison, because there is a limit of 8. However, we don't recommend doing that, as that costs 100 manpower. Rather, redeploy on the garrison that you want to dismantle, and do it yourself, for free.

If the enemy is pushing in, you can use Reinforce to double the capture weight of all of your strongholds for two minutes, making them twice as difficult to capture. But make sure to use it while the enemies are inside the capture circle. This ability costs 200 manpower and has a five minute cooldown.

Encouraged double resource generation from friendly nodes for five minutes. Each resource node on the map generates 10 resources per minute. Note that this costs 400 manpower, so it will be costly on that front, but it will net you more fuel and munition. Use it when you have 3 full sets of nodes built, preferably.

You can convert resources yourself with a cooldown and a cost.

You can send various drops to your troops around the map. Be wary of enemies spotting parachute drops trying to take out your soldiers.

You can use Recon to send a plane to scout out a specific area and highlight enemy units (their position doesn't get updated over time). This is shared with squad leaders and support-type roles.

For more aggressive plays, send a Dive bomber or a Strafe run to target armored units or footsoldiers.

  1. Utilize your Officers — they are your eyes and ears on the battlefield and can provide valuable information for strategy and planning.
  2. Communication needs to go both ways — a stingy Commander can starve their team of valuable intelligence and firepower which could cost the game.
  3. Keep your communications clear and concise — your squad leads are communicating on their individual Squad channels as well as the Command channel.


Infantry Hell Let Loose

Officer (Squad Leader)

  1. Break the ice with your Squad — some players will be nervous to speak — welcoming them to chat at the beginning of the match will help your communication throughout the rest of the game. Ask them how their day has been and rally them with your initial strategy for the match.
  2. Your Squad can provide you with vital information to feed to the Commander, but you can also provide them with information to help them work well together.
  3. Stay on top of dropping outposts so your team can spawn faster and closer to the action! Make sure to listen out for your squad telling you if an outpost is about to go down.
  4. You will need to juggle the different radio channels. Use the microphone and chat volume settings in-game to help find a balance that works best for you.


  1. You are the backbone of your army as you’ll be the first to spot and engage the enemy. Communicate their whereabouts to the rest of your squad and your Officer and be sure to ping the locations so your team can find them easily.
  2. Don’t wander off! The location of the enemy is no good to your team if you have gone astray and are fighting in a different area of the map. Work with your Officer to organize flanking maneuvers to catch the enemy by surprise. Teamwork is your most valuable weapon.
  3. This is a good role to play if you’re new to the game!


  1. Just because you’re at the front, doesn’t mean you have to be a one-man army — use pings and callouts to communicate enemy movement with the rest of your Squad.
  2. Be confident and decisive so that your squad feels comfortable following you into battle.
  3. When heading into a well-defended area, use your smoke grenades to conceal your Squad while they advance. Don’t forget to let your team know when you pull the pin!
  4. Even when outnumbered and in close combat, with your slightly faster reload and fully automatic weaponry, you would see this as a fair fight.

Machine Gunner

  1. Avoid leaving your team without cover. Let your squad know when you need to relocate or reload so they can advance when it’s safe.
  2. Speak to your Officer and ask them to spot targets for you with their binoculars, they can also help you adjust your fire to be more accurate.
  3. Patience is key. You aren’t looking for kills. Plan out your sightlines and anticipate the enemy’s movement and communicate this with your team.

Automatic Rifleman

  1. Fight alongside the Riflemen, Assault and Anti-Tank roles. you’ll be able to attain fire superiority in a skirmish to allow your unit to advance on the enemy and secure the objective.
  2. Make callouts for your team, providing descriptions, distances and directions. Help your squad get eyes on the target more quickly and ping things.
  3. Let your Officer know if you’re in a position to provide cover if a Garrison needs to be built.


  1. Attack the enemy tanks with your personal anti-tank weaponry in an infantry assault, set up an anti-tank gun for zone control and stopping power, or support your own tanks to give them an edge in battle.
  2. Utilize your Squad’s communication to locate the tanks and find the best route to flank them.
  3. If you’re in a densely populated area, use proximity chat to find other Anti-Tank players to work as a team and take the tanks out faster!
  4. When running around getting into position, keep your primary weapon equipped so you don’t announce yourself as an Anti-Tank player, otherwise you’ll be targeted.


  1. Don’t just support your own Squad. Whether it’s a member of your unit, or that of an allied one, you can get them back on their feet and facing down the enemy without the need to redeploy.
  2. Communicate using the proximity chat when you’re en route to an injured player, let them know that a Medic is coming to help them.
  3. Ask the players who are injured, where they were attacked from so that you can use your smoke grenades to enter the area safely and revive the player without suffering heavy fire!


  1. You’ll need to work closely with Support players and your Officer to get supplies to build your tactical locations. Communicate what you need and provide clear directions for where you need them.
  2. Be sure to stick with your squad so that you have cover while you are building.
  3. Be wary of air-dropping supplies — the enemy can see these and can use these to pinpoint you and your Squad, so make sure to use them tactically!


  1. Work closely with your Officer, Engineer and Anti-tank roles — you will provide them with the means to deploy game-changing spawn points, heavy weaponry, and fortifications.
  2. When you first jump into the game, work with your Officer to place the Garrisons.
  3. Listen to your team and pay attention to how the match is developing to understand the supply needs as the game goes on. For example, if Tanks are becoming a problem, communicate with the Anti-Tank player to strategically place an AT gun.
  4. Learn the role icons for the Officer, Engineer and Anti-Tank roles. You’ll want to be able to find these players quickly, knowing their icons will make this a lot easier!


Recon Hell Let Loose


  1. Good communication with the Spotter is essential for this role. Work on a plan together and you can become a formidable force against the enemy!
  2. Be sure not to get distracted with kill counts - recon is a tactical and strategic squad that is able to provide vital information on the enemy to the wider team.
  3. Move around in stealth to find where the enemy is coming from – this will likely lead you to Garrisons or Outposts which are higher value targets to take out than individual enemies.


  1. Work closely with the Sniper - two soldiers are much more inconspicuous than six; with your small visual signature, sneak past enemy lines and set up an Outpost in highly advantageous positions that will allow your Sniper to redeploy.
  2. You want to be stealthy behind enemy lines and gain intelligence to provide the Officers and Commanders. Reporting back to your Squad is key to this team.
  3. Your binoculars are your greatest tool – use them to find the enemy or their Outposts and Garrisons, from a safe distance.


Hell Let Loose Armor

Tank Commander

  1. Tanks are strong on their own, but even stronger when working alongside infantry. Communicate with your squad to figure out a plan of attack where you can provide support to the infantry.
  2. Talk amongst your crew — from the Commander position you’ll be able to give valuable information to both your driver and gunner, who have far less visibility than you.
  3. If you don’t have both Crewman, you will have to jump between the Commander's position and being either driver or shooter. Being familiar with playing all of these roles will help in this situation.
  4. Listen out on proximity channel for allies requesting help. Having a Tank can very quickly change the outcome of a battle.


  1. In this role you can be expected to either drive or shoot, or a mixture of both in one match. Be flexible and take on either role in high-stake situations!
  2. Listen to your Tank Commander, they will have the visibility and will be providing instructions on which direction to drive or aim.
  3. Make sure you have a good understanding of your vehicle’s mobility and firepower options, but also that of your opponents. Knowing how to utilize your Armor’s strengths and capitalize on your enemy’s weaknesses will keep your tanks in play, while your enemies' become a wreckage.

No matter which role you choose to play, the key to being a good member of your squad is to communicate and work with your unit. In Hell Let Loose, it’s always better to tackle things as a team rather than individually.

Now that you’re ready to take to the battlefield, you’ll want to pick up a good microphone or, if you’re unable to use one, make yourself familiar with the in-game non-verbal commands — communication is at the heart of Hell Let Loose! If you're looking to squad up before heading into battle, join the official Discord channel and find a unit to play with.

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