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Gifts for Gamers: Entertainment Gear

Looking to spice up your gamer haven? Set up the perfect entertainment center with these gifting options for gamers, from SteelSeries.

This holiday, turn your typical gaming space into something special. Or, help your favorite gamer set the stage for gaming like they've never before. We've got just the right gamer gifts that take entertainment to the next level.

Arena 7 Gaming Speakers

2.1 Gaming speakers.

Our top recommendation for entertainment gifts are the Arena 7 gaming speakers. This is a 2.1 speaker system that includes a powerful 6.5" subwoofer. The included speakers feature two-way speaker designs with organic fiber woofers and silk dome tweeters. These high-quality materials emit detailed, rich, and accurate audio, with the woofer handling the mids and the tweeter focusing on maximum clarity of the highs. The subwoofer handles the rest beautifully, bringing the thunder to visceral game audio and soundtrack.

The Arena 7 really ups the entertainment factor with 4 zones of RGB lighting. Easily set a brilliant stage with ambient lighting by using the Reactive PrismSync features, which changes based on in-game events, all configurable with the free SteelSeries Engine app in GG.

It's very easy to connect the Arena 7. A standard USB connection works with PC, Mac, or PlayStation. But also, you can use a 3.5mm Aux connectivity for phones, tablets, TVs, or other devices, or use an optical connection. You can also connect your phone to the speakers via Bluetooth. What's more, important controls are right there on the speaker, including volume, muting, Bluetooth pairing, and more.

Make sure to select the right type of plug for your country while shopping. Also, in our line of Arena speakers, you can also opt for the Arena 3. If you really want to go all out, we suggest going for the Arena 9, which bring true 5.1 surround sound.

Buy the Arena 7 Now

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless gaming headset.

If your giftee prefers to keep the audio contained to their ears (and wants to communicate with friends while gaming), look no further than the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless gaming headset. This is the ultimate wireless gaming headset that combines a classy, premium look with vegan leather ear cushions for total comfort alongside a multitude of top features and best-quality audio.

This headset uses our best hardware: the Nova Pro Acoustic System with Premium High Fidelity Drivers which work together to deliver unrivaled audio quality. When paired with our Sonar Software, which allows total audio customization, they'll not only be able to tune various effects, but also hear in 3D as well as highlight important sounds, such as the sound of enemy footsteps. It's the headset for the ultimate gamer.

Model wearing the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless gaming headset.

Other great features include Active Noise Cancellation to improve that feel of total immersion, Multi-System Connect, which allows the headset's base to be hooked up to two gaming systems for easy switching, and the Infinity Power System. Charging can be a concern with wireless headsets, but with the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, there's no need to worry. It utilizes a dual battery system, so while you're using one of them, the other one is always charging in the included GameDAC station. Almighty Audio never stops.

Oh yes, and let's not forget the ability to connect to a second device with Bluetooth at the same time, so they can take a phone call while gaming, or the ability to listen to your phone on the go. Up your entertainment with the ultimate gaming headset.

Buy the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Now

Qck Prism XL Mousepad

Qck Prism XL Mousepad.

This is a special gift for those with grand gaming stations. The QcK Prism XL gaming mousepad may not be the biggest one we have, but it sure leaves an impression.

Our bestselling QcK mousepads feature a non-slip rubber base that's perfect for gaming mice. The high thread count makes them optimal for PC games and more, such as Valorant, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Fortnite, and many more.

The special aspect of the Prism Cloth is the RGB around it. The mousepad lights up in dynamic 2-zone colorful backlighting to create complex effects. The colors can be fully customized, but what's more, they can be programmed with SteelSeries Engine to visualize audio, change color when Discord notifications come on, or integrate with game alerts.

It's available in many sizes, depending on the preference of the giftee. They can even cover their whole desk to spice up the ambiance of their gaming station.

Buy the Qck Prism XL Now

SteelSeries is a fantastic place to shop for gifts for gamers, whether it's a gaming keyboard, headset, mouse, mousepad, or other. Stop by soon for more gifting guides on our blog, and don't forget to check out the Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers on our site in the meantime for more ideas.

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