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Gifts for Gamers: Competitive & Casual Gamer Options

Looking for a great gift for a gamer who likes to win? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide tailored to competitive gamers. With better gear, watch their odds of winning improve. We've got suggestions for Fortnite and Call of Duty gamers, too!

Esports champions have won more money with SteelSeries products than with any other brand. That's a simple fact.

Want the gamer in your life to win more? Here's the gear that we recommend for those who play competitive games, such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, Valorant, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and many, many more. While we offer a few suggestions for specific games, these versatile gifts in the form of gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, and more will be great for any title.

Best Gifts for Fortnite Players

Apex Pro Mini Gaming Keyboard

Apex Pro Mini

There's a reason why the Apex Pro keyboards are regarded the best for Fortnite. The Apex Pro Mini is the fastest keyboard in the world, providing the gamer with the quickest, most responsive actions they can have in a game. And we know that speed matters enormously in Fortnite, as it does in other games too. For super-quick building, there's no better keyboard — pros from teams like FaZe have said so.

The switches are not only 11x faster than typical mechanical ones, they are also fully adjustable. The sensitivity of every key can be adjusted individually, for even faster responses — as speedy as 0.2mm to a deeper, more decisive deeper press at 3.8mm (or anything in between). With the ability to map two different actions to the same key, this is the ultimate keyboard for the competitive gamer who wants to get an edge in their games.

The 60% compact form is sleek and super easy to fit anywhere, and the keys have side-printed functions for full-size keyboard functionality. Add sleek RGB to that, an unbreakable aluminum frame, and the ability to go wireless, and you have the ultimate gaming keyboard in the Apex Pro Mini.

Buy the Apex Pro Mini Now

Arctis Nova 3 Gaming Headset

Arctis Nova 3 RGB Gaming Headset.

Communication and good audio are also vital to success in competitive games. The Arctis Nova 3 gaming headset stands out with stylish RGB on the side, in addition to providing premium quality sound with the High Fidelity Drivers, custom designed.

They can take the audio one step further with Sonar, a free audio customization app. It introduces 360° Spatial Audio for total immersion as well as the ability to identify the direction of enemy steps and more. It also includes special audio presets for Fortnite and other games.

Compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation, Switch, and mobile devices via USB-C, the ultra-lightweight gaming headset with AirWeave Memory Foam rocks it out with that unique RGB in 16.8 million colors on the sides. Let them make it their own!

Buy the Arctis Nova 3 Now

Best Gifts for Call of Duty Players

Rival 5 Gaming Mouse

Rival 5 Gaming Mouse FPS.

The Rival 5 is a fantastic option for those like to play across many genres, though it is particularly good in FPS games, where a quality mouse matters a lot. With 9 programmable buttons and a custom, quick-action mouse toggle for lightning-fast reactions.

The sensor is especially important for games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, where hitting a headshot is the difference between winning and losing. Designed in collaboration with PixArt, the TrueMove Air Sensor will help the gamer outperform the competition with true 1-to-1 mouse tracking, 18,000 CPI, 400 IPS, and 40G acceleration. It also combats tilt tracking.

Couple great performance with a fantastic RGB look, long-lasting switches, and you've got a fantastic gift that will last them for a long time, and help dominate in online games.

We also have the Rival 5 Destiny Edition, though we're not sure how much longer that will remain in stock. It looks amazing!

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II QcK L Ghost Edition (Limited Edition)

Limited Edition Call of Duty Mousepad.

It's the perfect gift for a Call of Duty gamer. We've partnered with Activision to create these gaming mousepads featuring the Ghost from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Our exclusive QcK micro-woven cloth grants maximum control and is meticulously optimized to be the ideal surface for a gaming mouse. It's durable and easy to wash, too.

We have a limited stock of these special QcK mousepads, so snag either the Ghost Edition or the Task Force Edition before they're gone!

Buy the Modern Warfare II Limited Edition QcK Now

Best Gifts for Esports Fans

Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

Wireless gaming headset

It's time to go wireless. The Arctis Nova 7 offers unparalleled wireless freedom. With our Simultaneous Wireless feature, the giftee can mix and match two separate devices with their headset. While their gaming device is connected through lag-free, gaming-grade 2.4GHz, they can use Bluetooth at the same time to connect to their phone or any similar device to take phone calls, listen to music or podcasts, without ever stopping their game.

That's not all it does, however. The Nova Acoustic System is a premium-quality audio hardware that includes High Fidelity Drivers for pristine sound. What's more, the microphone is a ClearCast Gen 2 Mic. This newest generation of microphones on the Arctis Nova headset is not only excellent quality, but it is completely retractable for a sleek look. Furthermore, with our free Sonar Software, they can enable AI-powered noise cancellation, which is excellent at quieting down any background sounds, almost magically.

All that comes with great battery life and a high quality, PVD-coated steel headband for durability. With the ComfortMAX System, it's easier than ever to adjust the headset, with various ways to find the perfect fit for the head.

The headset is also available in PlayStation and Xbox versions: Arctis Nova 7P Wireless and Arctis Nova 7X Wireless.

Buy the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Now

Prime Wireless Gaming Mouse

Esports wireless gaming mouse

The mouse of champions. Our innovative Prime Wireless delivered Optical Magnetic Switches are the world's most reliable switches, which means that they're just as good after years of usage as they are on day 1. The clicks will be crispy and fresh for 100 million clicks — even if they were to click 3 times per second, for 24 hours a day, non-stop for a year, they still won't reach 100,000,000 million clicks.

Every aspect of the mouse has been carefully designed with winning in mind. It was developed in consultation with over 100 of the world's top esports competitors: everything from its shape, its light weight, to the lag-free 2.4GHz wireless connection, to the TrueMove Air Gaming Sensor. With the ability to switch profiles on the fly, it's perfect for any competitive game, and not only.

Buy the Prime Wireless Now

SteelSeries is a fantastic place to shop for gifts for gamers, whether it's a gaming keyboard, headset, mouse, mousepad, or other. Stop by soon for more gifting guides on our blog, and don't forget to check out the Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers on our site in the meantime for more ideas.

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