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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Editor's Choice Gaming Gear

Trying to find the best gaming gift for the gamer in your circle? Look no further than our Editor's Choice selections, our top-shelf items recognized by reviewers, recipients of numerous awards and accolades. Learn more about them here.

It's that time of the year. It might be tough to find a great gaming gift for your loved one, so we're making it easy with some handy guides. Check back soon to see additional holiday gift guides for gamers.

Without further ado, let's see a selection of great gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, and more.

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gaming Headset picture with awards.

If you're looking for the absolute best gift, look no further than the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless gaming headset. This is the ultimate wireless gaming headset that combines a classy, premium look with vegan leather ear cushions for total comfort alongside a multitude of top features and best-quality audio.

This headset uses our best hardware: the Nova Pro Acoustic System with Premium High Fidelity Drivers which work together to deliver unrivaled audio quality. When paired with our Sonar Software, which allows total audio customization, they'll not only be able to tune various effects, but also hear in 3D as well as highlight important sounds, such as the sound of enemy footsteps. It's the headset for the ultimate gamer.

Model wearing the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless gaming headset.

Other great features include Active Noise Cancellation to improve that feel of total immersion, Multi-System Connect, which allows the headset's base to be hooked up to two gaming systems for easy switching, and the Infinity Power System. Charging can be a concern with wireless headsets, but with the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, there's no need to worry. It utilizes a dual battery system, so while you're using one of them, the other one is always charging in the included GameDAC station. Almighty Audio never stops.

Oh yes, and let's not forget the ability to connect to a second device with Bluetooth at the same time, so they can take a phone call while gaming, or the ability to listen to your phone on the go. It's the future of gaming audio with wireless freedom.

Lauded with a 10/10 from IGN, the reviewer said "this new version revises one of our favorite gaming headsets with a sleeker and more adjustable design while also adding active noise-canceling, longer battery life, and improved audio. And even more impressive, it offers a plethora of ways to tweak your game and chat audio on a per-game basis."

"Personally, I think it’s worth every dollar."

Basketball court model wearing the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gaming Headset.

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Arctis 7+ Gaming Headset

Arctis 7+ gaming headset with awards

Our Arctis 7+ wireless gaming headset is also a fantastic choice. With compatibility across all the popular devices. It features a sleek USB-C dongle for an easy way to plug in to a PlayStation 5 and 4, PC, Android, Switch, iPads, and more. It has improved 30-hour battery life with a quick charge function, to get back into the action really fast.

Similarly to the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, this headset can also be enhanced with our free Sonar Software, granting the user X-Ray Hearing: highlighting of key sounds in games, like steps, drinking or planting key objectives in order to determine their location via sound. With a Discord-certified ClearCast bidirectional noise cancelling microphone,

And the audio quality is superb as well. Don't take just our word for it — multiple reviewers have dubbed it the Best Gaming Headset, such as PCGamer, Wired, Forbes, T3, Tom's Guide, and more.

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Apex Pro TKL Gaming Keyboard

Apex Pro TKL gaming keyboard with awards.

For the gamer who wants to win more, the Apex Pro TKL (2023) will be an absolute edge, whether they're lightly competitive in Overwatch or are trying to up their rank in Valorant. With our OmniPoint 2.0 tech, we've designed the fastest-responding keyboard in the world. Expect an 11x quicker response and 10x swifter actuation with these keys, in comparison to a typical mechanical keyboard.

Another huge asset for the Apex Pro TKL is the ability to customize the actuation of every switch, individually. The depth of the presses can vary anywhere from a quick and shallow 0.2mm to emphasize speed, or a deeper and more deliberate 3.8mm (or anywhere in between). It's a perfect gift for the gamer who likes to tinker with their equipment and customize it. Also, that makes this keyboard great not just for gaming, but also for work.

On top of that, the Apex Pro TKL has an OLED Smart Display to view a variety of information at a glance, with buttons to change settings on the fly, or to control media without ever leaving the game screen. With an esports-ready tenkeyless design that saves space on the desk and a steel frame of the same quality as used in combat jets, this is a top-performance keyboard designed for longevity.

There's also a wireless version of the Apex Pro TKL gaming keyboard to have even fewer wires on the desk.

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Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse on desk with awards.

Awarded "Best Lightweight Mouse" from PCGamer and GameSpot, the Aerox 3 Wireless gaming mouse weighs just 68 grams. The sheer lightness of this mouse makes it fantastic to play with and even easier to score important shots.

This lightweight build is achieved with some technical wizardry and a holey shell build, complemented by awesome-looking RGB, which is fully customizable in 16.8 million colors. With a stylish design, long battery life, and a great TrueMove Air Sensor (co-developed with PixArt), the Aerox 3 Wireless effortlessly joins quality with style.

That's not everything, however. Our inventive engineers made this the first-ever gaming mouse to receive an IP54 rating. AquaBarrier™ shields the interior circuitry from water splashes, dust, dirt, oil, fur, and more. Also, with both Bluetooth and lag-free 2.4GHz, easily connect to a multitude of devices, or travel with the mouse. Light, multifunctional, and accurate, the Aerox 3 Wireless is an all-around winner.

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Stratus+ Gaming Pad

Stratus+ Gaming Pad with Fortnite.

Know someone who spends a lot of time on mobile games? Change their life with the Stratus+, our versatile gaming pad that's not only great for Android, but also suitable for PC games with a wired connection.

The evolution of mobile gaming is here. Help your beloved gamer move away from imprecise mobile touchscreen controls, which can often hamper winning, especially in the more competitive games like Fortnite. Instead, bring precise and comfortable console controls for an immeasurable difference in play quality, instantly improving the odds of winning as well. If I've won my first mobile Fortnite match with the Stratus+, I'm sure the gift recipient will dominate even more.

The Stratus+ brings an ergonomic design with responsive triggers and buttons, as well as a 90-hour battery life. Whether they enjoy short bursts of gaming or want to play on a long trip, the included slim-profile phone mount makes either situation ideal. Also, the Stratus+ is certified for Chromebook and is the recommended controller for GeForce NOW, NVIDIA's cloud gaming service.

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Hope you've found something in these Editor's Choice selections! Stop by soon for more gifting guides on our blog, and don't forget to check out the Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers on our site in the meantime for more ideas.