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Top 5 SMGs in Warzone Mobile

SMGs are a popular weapon class in Warzone Mobile, so let’s look at the top five to use in the entire game.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has been out for a little over a month, and players are still adapting to the meta. While you can use what’s been working for you in traditional Warzone, the dynamics of the mobile version are slightly different. As such, you might be wondering if there are new weapons you need to try out in Warzone Mobile.

For any aggressive players out there, we have put together a list of the top five SMGs you can use on the current update in Warzone Mobile. Keep in mind, though, that this list could be subject to change based on any weapon balancing that occurs in the future.

1. HRM-9

HRM-9 Warzone mobile cod

The HRM-9 remains at the top of the meta in Warzone Mobile, as it has since the game was released back in March. The SMG features some of the best handling in its class and has a blistering fast fire rate that makes close-range engagements much easier to manage.

However, you will have to design a loadout that reduces the HRM-9’s recoil control, as it tends to kick up as soon as you start firing. As long as you’re keeping gunfights somewhat close, though, you won’t notice any accuracy issues. Until a new update comes along in Warzone Mobile, the HRM-9 stands atop the SMG meta.

2. Striker 9

striker 9 warzone mobile

Coming in at the second spot on the list is a relatively new member of the meta in Warzone Mobile. The Striker 9 has received a few buffs over the course of the last several updates, putting it in a prime spot to see some action on Verdansk and Rebirth Island. While the Striker 9 doesn’t kill as quickly as the HRM-9, it has better mobility and is much more accurate.

The Striker 9 is perfect as a sniper support secondary weapon, coming in handy for those mid-range gunfights where a sniper isn’t the best option. For a regular secondary weapon, the HRM-9 is still the better choice, but not by a large margin.

3. WSP-9

smg warzone wsp-9

For months in traditional Warzone, the WSP Swarm reigned supreme as the top dog in the SMG meta. However, fast forward to now, and the WSP-9 has replaced the Swarm in the meta, especially in Warzone Mobile. The WSP-9 is a more accurate version of its counterpart, featuring a slower fire rate and the same mobility.

As such, it can also serve as a great sniper support secondary, but it’s also a solid option for players looking to run an SMG as their primary weapon. That’s really only recommended for Rebirth Island, though, as Verdansk is too large to not have a long-range weapon available.

4. AMR9

AMR9 SMG cod warzone mobile

The fourth spot on the list belongs to the AMR9, an all-around solid SMG that doesn’t have many weaknesses. However, it also doesn’t do much better than other top SMGs, so it comes down to your personal preferences and what you want in your SMG. If you want a mobile, accurate, and moderately fast-firing weapon that requires an optic to use, the AMR9 is a perfect choice.

You can build the AMR9 in a number of different ways with its loadout as well, giving you some flexibility in how it’s used. As with most SMGs, though, it’s best served at close or mid-range instead of challenging rifles at longer ranges.

5. RAM-9

ram-9 warzone cod mobile

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The RAM-9 stood atop the SMG meta in traditional Warzone for weeks until some updates nerfed various aspects of the weapon. Now, it sits at the fifth spot on our list, which still means it has merit as a secondary in Warzone Mobile. However, there are definitely better SMGs to use now.

The biggest reason you might want to continue using the RAM-9 is familiarity. If you got accustomed to using the RAM-9 and looking through its iron sights, then it’s a perfectly fine weapon to keep running, provided no additional nerfs to it come along.

And that does it for our list of the top five SMGs in Warzone Mobile. As previously mentioned, this list could easily change with a round of weapon balancing, but as of mid-April, you won’t find five better SMGs to use.

If you’re looking to finalize your loadout in Warzone Mobile, take a look at our best perks guide for Warzone, which can easily translate to the mobile version.

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