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Play WoW in the Cloud with GeForce NOW

Whether you are playing World of Warcraft Dragonflight, or Classic, or Cataclysm, you are now able to play it via GeForce NOW!

Not everyone can afford a powerful PC. What's more, playing an MMORPG like World of Warcraft can be challenging if your PC isn't up to par. When you have a big raid of over 20 people, and you're running some music and Discord in the background, it can all add up, and result in a lower FPS. That's not ideal when you're trying to precisely time your abilities to reach that top DPS, and, even more importantly, avoid the boss's abilities.

Who are we kidding, you will still try for the top DPS and stand in fire because you just popped all your cooldowns.

Let framerate be the last of your worries thanks to GeForce NOW, a cloud gaming service anyone can use from their PC. NVIDIA's trusted platform lets you play to your ultimate potential with an ever-expanding library of 1500+ games for any of your devices without downloads (PC, mobile, iPad, TV, etc.).

And they just added World of Warcraft titles to their list.

Play World of Warcraft Classic with GeForceNOW

wow classic

Return to Azeroth how it used to be. Experience the joys and difficulties of World of Warcraft "vanilla." Walk all around Kalimndor and Eastern Kingdoms like it was yesterday, with that slow, slow movement speed. Forget about flying. Dive into the exciting Barrens chat once again, probably the biggest "chill" zone in the game, infamous for its conversations.

You already know if that sounds appealing. If not, perhaps a revisit to Cataclysm will interest you. In a world changed forever, battle Deathwing for the fate of the future. With all new talents, Azeroth isn't the same.

Play Retail WoW with GeForceNOW

WoW retail dragonflight

The current expansion of WoW is playable on GeForce NOW. At the moment, Dragonflight is available! GeForceNOW is also teasing that The War Within will be available as well.

Face a new threat endangering Azeroth, The Primalists, a faction of rogue proto-dragons. Battle enormous dragons while taming your own to take flight across the land, empowered by brand new flying mechanics (definitely the coolest part of the expansion!). But what's more, engage in all-new crafting systems and talent trees, and whole new gameplay mechanics. Profession enjoyers rejoice!

Whichever version of WoW suits you, it's all easily available with GeForceNOW.

It's time to venture forth into Azeroth once again. Get a GeForceNOW membership that suits you. Also, grab some great SteelSeries gaming gear for cloud gaming, mobile or not, from us, so that you can chat with your guildmates once again.

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