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How to Get Destruction Points and AllStar Coins in Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars has plenty for you to purchase, but what kind of currency do you need for what, and how do you get it? Here's everything you need to know.

If you've been playing Destruction AllStars or even thinking about diving in since it's currently free on PS5 for PS Plus subscribers in February and March 2021, you may have noticed there are a couple of different types of currencies.

The vehicular combat game finds players zooming around arenas looking to smash vehicles into each other as drivers hop in and out of their rides, all hoping for supremacy. It's a colorful, destructive rally to the finish.

But there are a couple of systems you may not know about -- namely, how the in-game currencies work. There are two different kinds, and each are attained through different methods.

Here's everything you need to know about getting Destruction Points and AllStar Coins.

What's the difference between Destruction Points and AllStar Coins?

One of Destruction AllStars' menu screens showing some of the purchases you can make with both types of currencies.Source: Lucid Games

There are two major currencies in Destruction AllStars.

First, there are Destruction Points. You must purchase these with real-world money. You cannot earn them through playing the game. Though developer Lucid Games has indicated they may be available through completing challenges in the future, right now they are available via microtransactions only. You can use them to purchase certain skins and emotes, but most will be available if you purchase with AllStar Coins.

On the flip side, AllStar Coins are unlocked by playing the game and earning XP. You don't have to spend any real-world cash to get them, but you do need to actually play the game. AllStar Coins will unlock most skins, outfits, emotes, profile banners, and emblems.

How do you get Destruction Points?

Just some of the many purchases you can make with Destruction Points. Source: Lucid Games

You can't earn Destruction Points in-game so all you can do for now is purchase them as you see fit. Destruction Points are Destruction AllStars' version of microtransactions.

You can buy points in packs of 500, 1000, or 2000 packs at varying prices. It's about $8 for most premium skins locked behind Destruction Points. While most items can be purchased with AllStar coins, some of the more rare goodies are going to cost you real-world cash.

Lucid Games plans to serve up some Destruction Points in the future as prizes for challenges and events, but that hasn't happened just yet. You'll have to pony up for now.

How do you get AllStar Coins?

Some of the goodies you can get with free AllStar Coins.Source: Lucid Games

AllStar Coins are a little more challenging to get than Destruction Points, because you can't buy them with real cash. Instead, you earn them by leveling up with XP and playing the game as normal.

Every time you level up, you'll be rewarded with 1000 AllStar Coins. You get XP by winning matches in solo and team modes, getting higher ranks, and wrecking other players. Experiment and see what works best for you to earn levels at a higher pace.

You can use AllStar Coins to unlock most customizable items, so you can have the character of your dreams just by playing the game as you usually would. This is the preferred route if you don't want to spend any real cash.

Now that you're in the know, go out there and start earing Points and Coins to make the Destruction AllStars character you've been seeing in your dreams. The cooler, the better, if you ask us.

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