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How to Get Better at Overwatch 2 as DPS

Work on your aim, positioning, and strategy, and you'll get better in no time.

Overwatch 2 is a really fast-paced game with lots happening at once. But with proper positioning and better muscle memory for effective aiming, even you can get out of Bronze! (probably. If not, you can always blame your teammates).

With that said, we have some handy tips and strategy guides for Overwatch 2.

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Mind Your Positioning

Overwatch 2 tips

1. Don't play out in the open.

Try to find natural cover as much as possible. You are vulnerable to Ultimates like D'va's, or Cassidy's High Noon, or Soldier 76's Tactical Visor, when you're out in the open. Cover is what you need to be protected from any of these. Plus, having cover allows you to regularly shield yourself whenever your cooldowns are low, you need to reload, or are low on health. Try to be no more than about three seconds of travel from cover.

2. Utilize high ground.

High ground is advantageous for you and makes you more survivable. You have a greater line of sight over the battlefield, so you can make better decisions or spot enemies quicker. Many characters naturally synergize with higher ground too, like Ana and her grenade. You also have some cover against enemies who are lower.

3. Know where your team and healthpacks are.

How far are you from healthpacks? How quickly can you make it to them? You should always know this, no matter where you are on the map. Also, where are your teammates? Can you run back to them fast if you need help?

4. Never stay in one place.

Seems pretty obvious, but there is never a specific, perfect place that your character should take. It will always change depending on the situation, what you're playing, and the enemy lineup. You may be safer to stand far back as Ana if the enemy team has no divers. You would be safe against most Ultimates and too far from enemy harass. But if someone decided to infiltrate the backline, you would be further for the peels.

Consider Aggressive Angles

Overwatch 2 guide

1. Off Angles

By definition, this is an angle that is adjacent to other members of your team, allowing you to deal damage from the side or to the enemy backline. It also divides their attention and decreases the risk of getting hit by big AOE abilities. Some characters will naturally be better at this, especially ones with high mobility.

Think Solider 76, Genji, etc. Be careful of using characters with lower mobility, like Cassidy, who could be vulnerable if found in the open.

Just like with the points we've gone over in positioning, make sure to mind your team's position and also have a quick escape route.

2. Flanking

Flanking is a risky maneuver that could have a high payoff. The risk is that you're isolating yourself first to attack the enemy from a very different position. But if it works, it could easily turn the tide in your favor. The hardest aspect of flanking is timing. If you go too early, you could get focused by the enemy team, and if you're too slow, your weakened team might lose their position.

This aggressive move might be just what you need if your team is losing.

Overwatch 2 Aiming Tips

Overwatch 2 aiming

Unlike in other shooters like CS:GO you don't lose momentum while changing directions.

Heroes with high-damage single shots, like Widowmaker, Ashe, Sojourn, and Cassidy should stop briefly to take shots and then keep moving. Others like Solider, Orisa, Sombra, Mei, and Symmetra can keep moving while firing so you're using tracking aim at the same time.

With Tracer and Genji, you should be pre-aiming your quick movements. Be aware of how you're going to move so that you don't mess up your aim.

Emotions often run high during Overwatch games, so make sure to stay calm while aiming. Aim training can help you a lot here, as you will develop better muscle memory for various skills like flicking and tracking, as well as better reaction times. You can achieve this with an aim trainer like the free 3D Aim Trainer. Consistent practice will go a long way here, and 3D Aim Trainer tracks your progress, too.

3D Aim Trainer has great categories in the Become a Pro section, useful depending on which hero you main, so consider training specifically for your playstyle.

  • Flicking: Sojourn (Ultimate), Widowmaker, Cassidy
  • Tracking: Sombra, Tracer, Mei, Zarya, Bastion, Symmetra, Wrecking Ball, D'va, Orisa, Sojourn (primary fire), Soldier 76

For projectile-style heroes, like Kiriko, Genji, Zenyatta, Pharah, and so on, consider training your aim in general and getting used to the speed of their projectiles. Learn to lead your shot and anticipate where your enemy will be instead of where they are right now. Remember to aim at the head, not the body.

Also, make sure to capitalize on the locked animations in game. When any enemy hero uses an ability that helps the move in some way, you can predict their movement to some extent, so take advantage of that.

With Widowmaker and Ana, try setting your scope sensitivity to 37.89, which matches their hip fire sensitivity. For Ashe, it's 51.80.

Make sure that NVidia Reflex Plus Boost is active in your system, which reduces input lag a bit.

Ready to raise your rank in Overwatch 2? We hope you found some helpful tips in our FPS guide! Remember to consistently practice to drill that muscle memory.

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